10 Times Celebrities Fooled The Public With Their Lies

Celebrities think that they can say or do anything behind the camera to deceive the audience. Some fans do end up falling for the unachievable figures that they edit on Photoshop, while some buy the romantic relationships that turn out to be nothing but a promotional façade. But with the increasing awareness and access to the internet, fans and tabloids can tell between lies and truths. These celebs may be great actors but they aren’t good liars. Find out the 10 times when celebrities fooled the public with their lies.

Joaquin Phoenix

Celebrities Fooled Public With Their Lies

The Oscar-winning sensation, Joaquin Phoenix got his fans all excited and threw the tabloids for a loop when he announced his engagement in 2014. He was on “Late Show with David Letterman” when he said that he was marrying his yoga instructor. This obviously happened before he met actress Rooney Mara. Before the paparazzi could hunt down the imaginary yoga instructor, Phoenix confessed that it was all made up. He also added that he got a bit carried away because he was bored.

Jennifer Lawrence

We don’t think if “lying” is the right term here as it seems to be a clear case of confusion and dilemma. The A-list and Academy award winner Lawrence announced that she would be taking a break from Hollywood for a year to direct her energy into activism for a social cause. But the break didn’t make it past a month as her team stated she’d be getting back to acting the moment one of her projects starts filming. However, it is worth mentioning she did appear in a 12-minute political documentary titled “Unbreaking America” in 2019 that threw light on the political system in America.

Ben Affleck

Celebrities Fooled Public With Their Lies
Celebrities Fooled Public With Their Lies

Most of us have crazy drunk stories that we choose to forget or deny. So, did Ben Affleck also did something stupid like getting a tattoo while he was drunk and regretted it later? Well, we can’t say anything about that but we do know that he tried to hide his tattoo. The actor had surfaced on media when the paparazzi snapped a pic of his back sporting a phoenix tattoo. Affleck explained that it was fake for one of his upcoming movies. But then, we never got a film displaying his inked back. Was he embarrassed by it?

Lily Allen

Singer Lily Allen claimed that she was offered the role of Yara Greyjoy in the popular TV series “Game of Thrones” in 2014. But according to her, she turned down the offer to play the princess as the script involved “too much incest”. Later, her brother Alfie Allen, who played Yara’s brother Theon Greyjoy, revealed that it wasn’t true and that his sister was not offered the role.

Robert Pattinson

Celebrities Fooled Public With Their Lies

Robert Pattinson is notoriously becoming popular for his weird sense of humor and lies. The “Twilight” and future “Batman” actor keeps making fake stories during interviews and chat shows and none of them are easy to forget. Once, he put the filmmakers of “Good Time” in trouble by lying on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that he gave a handjob to a dog of the movie sets. Pattinson also keeps lying about being a hand model for women as a child. He said that again in 2019 even though he had confessed it was a lie to Jimmy Kimmel in 2011.

Vin Diesel

“Fast and Furious” star Vin Diesel bragged that he used to be a backup dancer for the band, Beastie Boys. But rapper Ad-Rock denied any such thing. He also added that Diesel must have been confused when Adam Yauch reportedly helped him get into a dance club.

Terrence Howard

Celebrities Fooled Public With Their Lies
Celebrities Fooled Public With Their Lies

Actor Terrance Howard once said on Jimmy Kimmel’s show that he earned a doctorate in chemical engineering from South Carolina State University. But it was later revealed that he never finished his degree in chemical engineering and was awarded an honorary degree in humanitarian professionalism from SCSU.

Scarlett Johansson

When “Ghost in the Shell” was sparking controversies for casting a white actress for an Asian role, Scarlett Johansson tried to calm down the matter by stating that she “would never attempt to play a person of a different race”. The actress also assured that there was no whitewashing as the character was “identity-less”. But then the movie ending revealed that the character was Japanese, named Motoko Kusanagi. It naturally infuriated the fans of the source material.

Tyrese Gibson

Actor Tyrese once took it all out on his Instagram post and ranted that his estranged wife was pregnant, he had no money and that Will Smith and Jada Pink Smith were helping him stay “afloat” by giving him $5 Million. After Will Smith denied gifting any money, Tyrese apologized for his rants on social media and blamed it all on his anti-depressants.

Tori Spelling

Celebrities Fooled Public With Their Lies
Celebrities Fooled Public With Their Lies

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which ones are lies and which ones are truths. How do you tell that a person isn’t lying, when they confess that their previous claims were false? When the “Beverly Hills, 90210” actress was asked how she lost her pregnancy weight, she gave the credits to low-intensity exercises and a healthy diet. But in her book that released a year later, Tori said that it was all a lie and that she lost weight by starving.

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