New Theory Suggests “What If….?” Will Be MCU Canon

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is ever-expanding and ever consuming. It subsumes unto itself all media content. Motion capture and 3D animation is just a new segment they want to explore with the “What If….?” series right as things proceed into Phase IV. Not only does this mean that the expansion of knowledge with regards to the known multiverses will increase but there is going to be substantial development in character that have otherwise only supported the main heroes. It is curious what Marvel is trying to accomplish. They want to explore the depths of the multiverse.

Flex their own creativity and try to realize visions that would’ve never left the drawing board. Is it to find more interesting stories? Perhaps not, it must be to see what works within the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon.

The current canon has reached the end of its first series arc. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga started, in its essence, with the first Iron Man movie (like all of MCU). Now that we stare into the abyss of resolution beyond endgame we come to the realization that the audiences have matured far above the level of straightforward storytelling. The fandom has sunk its teeth deep into the necks of stories themselves and consumed any lore that they could. They have explored the world, fell in love with it, and now want to see the depths of weirdness that this world could throw at them. The fans all have different perspectives and characters that are dear only to them. Some love the Winter Soldier while some are die-hard Captain Marvel fans. There is even a separate section of Agents of SHIELD loyalists. The fandom is truly amazing, and it deserves more……

That seems to be the plan with the “What If…..?” series. Moving into Phase IV Marvel released a slew of trailers for its Disney+  shows and one of these was the 3D animation trailer of What If… series. Comic fans are well aware of this trope. Both companies have been guilty of releasing comics under the guise of What if storytelling and ended up creating both art and garbage. The red son was a What If… comic, just saying. But fans have their own theories and if the post by u/SidJDuffy is to be believed then Marvel’s attempt at it just might make it into the canon of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Theory What If….?” Will Be MCU Canon

The reddit user goes into some detail and presents convincing evidence. Especially about a couple of Dr. Strange(s) zipping around time or THE MULTIVERSE ITSELF?! Is this tied into a Multiverse of Madness, we may find out…… very soon. Regardless of what turn the story takes after this episodic series, right now Marvel wants us to ponder the question WHAT IF? And so we shall!

The trailer is quite a lot and so is the above theory but it is to be expected if we have to find any sort of sense in those series of cuts we saw in the trailer. Marvel is notorious for lying in the trailer to prevent spoilers. It is possible that what we see may not even exist in the final cut.

Theory What If….?” Will Be MCU Canon

However, as per the current information and after reading the above theory that the final villain of the entire series will be evil strange. Evil Strange and his madness might take over the multiverse which our resident strange will try to purify it off. The reddit user mentions several instances from the trailer itself where evidence can be observed and a prediction be reliably made and the theory is definitely worth a read.

As for what lies in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe only Kevin Fiege truly knows. The master is at his best when not listening to us. This theory may very well form the crux of the series; we will have to watch to find out. But the audience seems to be more restless than the showrunners. Captain Britain has fans muttering and a zombie Captain America has people scared.

Theory What If….?” Will Be MCU Canon

Pour on that sweet delight of an evil strange and you have a recipe for madness and disaster but Marvel knows how to make that into a masterpiece. We eagerly await the arrival of these series so that we may binge in all of their glory. Up until then keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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