10 Most Powerful Androids in The Dragon Ball Universe – Ranked

Androids in The Dragon Ball Universe:

The Dragon Ball anime series has a lot of amazing fighters to have given the Z Fighters a run for their money.  Many of these android warriors are some of the most powerful adversaries the universe has ever faced. And they almost defeat Goku and his merry band but by hook or by crook, always get defeated. This list is dedicated to those mechanical mayhems.

 10. Android 20

Androids in The Dragon Ball Universe

The being known as Android 20 was originally a brilliant scientist that went by the name of Doctor Gero. Gero was a long time Dragon Ball villain and his robotic machinations traded fists with Goku since time immemorial. The Saiyan always managed to come on top, angering Gero and mocking his scientific genius. Gero eventually found a way to make him-self an Android.

He still continued to create more powerful androids like Cell. But he also had his own range of weapons laced into his body like an automatic detection system and a power dampener. He also had the ability to absorb life force from other living beings, lengthening his life span and expanding his power levels.

 9. Android 14

Android 14 was a creation of Doctor Gero created with the sole purpose of hunting down Goku and defeating him in single combat. A hulking giant, Android 14 was still a force to be reckoned with. He was very agile and had the durability of a mountain in him. He once fought Future Trunks to a standstill. Android 14’s most powerful attack was the Murder Ball, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Android 14 could conjure up enough energy to make a massive energy ball that he could hurl at his opponents. Upon impact, the ball would explode and give off a massive amount of energy. He combined his attacks with another android called Android 15 to amplify his Murder Ball’s blast radius.

 8. Mira

Mira is not your typical android. He was not a creation created of mechanical prowess but out of bio-technology. Mira is a Bio-Android. He was created as a demon warrior by Towa. Towa travelled across time and space to collect the energies of all the greatest warriors throughout the universe and time. He combined all those energies to create Mira,, who had the martial arts ability of a God and all of the Martial Artists’ abilities.

Androids in The Dragon Ball Universe

Mira could control his Ki flow voluntarily to create the Ki Sense or the Ki Blast Attack. He could also travel across time and using his “Time Passport” power he could actually move and manipulate time as he wished.

 7. Android 16

One of the more lovable androids on this list, Android 16’s programming was not complete when he was inadvertently woken up and activated to go after Goku. Android 16’s incomplete programming meant that he was yet to fully develop a sense of evil within him. During his brief and unfortunate tenure in the Cell arc, Android 16 showed some truly remarkable abilities.

His eye energy function was strong enough to counter Cell. Android 16 also had a pretty formidable hand to hand combat skill set. The most powerful ability of Android 16 was his self-destruct mode, which Gero put in him to act as a human time bomb to take Goku out if need be. A more powerful version of Android 16, with a rather complete programming, turned out to be even stronger than the original one.

 6. Android 17

Android 17 ended up becoming the butt of all jokes within the Dragon Ball Community when he first arrived on the scene but he is one of the toughest foes the Z Fighters have ever faced. The guy always had a problem with anyone and everyone. Android 17 was defeated by the Future Trunks after a long and hard battle. The guy could perform the ‘Accel Dance’ with his twin android sibling – Android 18.

Accel Dance was a deadly series of combinations of kicks and punches performed by both the Androids in unison to take out even the most powerful of opponents. His strongest and deadliest attack was the False Self Destruct Mode. the ability similar to Android 16’s but with the difference that it does not actually kill Android 17 even though there is a huge explosion.

 5. Android 18

Android 18 is certainly not like her android sibling Android 17. She actually developed a conscience over the course of the Cell arc and decided to let go of her ways of villainy in return for being with Krillin, the love of her life. After Android 18 was activated, the first thing she did after waking up was activate Android 16.

The vision of watching another android come to life totally changed her programming and she started to fight back her core code training. She did have some pretty powerful moves though. Sadistic 18 was an elbow to the face followed by a round house kick to the torso. It is a very popular Android 18 move.

 4. Android 19

Androids in The Dragon Ball Universe

The rest of the androids that Doctor Gero developed were made out of part organic and part inorganic technology.  As a result, Android 19 was one of the most powerful Androids to have been ever created by Gero. And Gero, who has made tons of androids in the past, considers Android 19 to be his first true successful experiment at creating the perfect android. Android 19’s greatest ability is his power to absorb insane amounts of energy. Android 19 can absorb a busload of energy.

Androids in The Dragon Ball Universe

He also has a hyper energy drain function as well as the ability to absorb energy waves. He also knows how to manipulate Ki energy, which is what the Z Fighters use in combat.

 3. Super Android 13

Android 13 was a mere paperweight of a super villain. But Super Android 13 was truly a class apart. He was formed after Android 14 and Android 15 were forced to merge together with the body of Android 13’s original framework. All the three androids are themselves a planetary level threat. When you combine all three of them into a singular entity, you get an absolute agent of chaos and death.

Super Android 13 has a body made up of Adamantine metal. The metal gives the android a perfect form as well as the ability to manipulate his size and shape. The substance even gives Super Android 13 the ability to absorb other androids and increase his power levels drastically.

 2. Cell

Cell was created in a similar fashion to Towa’s Mira. The essence of all the greatest warriors of Earth were used to from Cell, just like Mira was formed by combining the aura of all those warriors. Cell is Gero’s greatest creation in the future timeline. Doctor Gero managed to get his hands on the cell samples of all the great warriors of the Z Universe.

The result was a near unstoppable biological warrior who could evolve indefinitely and become a threat to the entire universe. Cell, in his perfect form, was more than a match for Goku and he actually managed to kill him. It took a combined Kamehame attack from both Gohan and Goku to finally take down this beat for good.

 1. Super 17

Super 17 is the more evolved version of Android 17. While Android 17 was more of a nuisance than a threat, Super 17 is a rather unique exception. Super 17 is the combination of Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17. Super 17 is actually the epitome of android technology. He is the goal Doctor Gero was hoping to reach with his earlier models. In that sense, not even Cell could hope to achieve this level of perfection.

Androids in The Dragon Ball Universe

Super 17 is considered by many to be multiple times more powerful than Cell even if he is in his perfect form. The greatest attack at Super 17’s disposal is the Electro Eclipse Bomb. The explosion that follows after Super 17 uses the attack is a swath of dark energy that can simulate the effects of a small sized nuke explosion.

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