10 Short Series to Watch on the Weekend (Part 2)

The weekend is just around the corner and you might be looking for shows you can binge in those two days. Not everyone likes to watch TV shows that have several seasons, which is why limited and short series are such a hit at the moment. Streaming platforms have some great short series to watch while relaxing this weekend. Here are a few of them.

The Circle

Imagine a show that is a mix of big brother and a black mirror! Well, ‘The Circle’ is a reality series in which a group of people move into different apartments and interact. But here’s the catch. They can never meet face to face and only interact through a digital interface. The show has an interesting premise that makes it extremely binge-able.



This Netflix original was cancelled after a single season that consists of 10 episodes. It is based on a high school student who suffers a heart attack but is saved by another girl in her neighbourhood through a transplant. However, strange things start happening to her after the transplant and she tries to find out the answers from the family of the other girl. Unlike some other shows, ‘Chambers’ managed to tie all loose ends in one season and gave the viewers a satisfying ending.


Worst Roommate Ever

Here’s a Netflix docuseries that you must not miss if you are a fan of true crime. As the name suggests, the show portrays four roommates who manipulated and murdered their victims in grotesque ways. The show uses animation to recreate the violent scenes that might give you nightmares.



If you are looking for an amazing western then Netflix has the best option in store for you. ‘Godless’ is set in 1884 and follows Roy Goode who ends up in a town governed by women. The show has an interesting plotline that unfolds in just seven episodes that you can easily finish over the weekend making it one of the short series that you can enjoy during the weekend.



A true-crime show that will keep your eyes glued to the TV is ‘Unbelievable’. The miniseries portrays some of the serial rape cases that occurred in Washington and Colorado in 2008. It follows two female detectives who discover the shocking truth behind these heinous crimes. If you like watching dark and twisted crime shows, this one is right up your alley!



Short series to watch

Starring the Academy Award-winning actress Renee Zelweggar, this show will keep you entertained throughout. The dramatic series revolves around a wealthy woman who decides to invest in a startup. However, there is a huge condition for the investment that makes for an intriguing premise. The show only has 10 episodes but will leave you wanting more.


The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Here is a reality show that started out as a youtube series and became big. As the title suggests, it follows Christine McConnell in her house where she makes delicious treats and unique DIY crafts. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after a season. But it can make for an entertaining weekend watch.


When They See Us

If you are a fan of intense dramas, look no further. Based on the central park five, this show is heavy and covers the real-life court case in just four episodes. It follows the five people who were accused of attacking a jogger in the Central Park in 1989. The series covers the time period from 1989 till 2014 and will keep you on the edge of your seat.



Did you miss Robb Stark from Game of Thrones? Then you must watch him in this British political thriller where he works as a bodyguard for cunning politicians. The series has six episodes and will leave you wanting more. It was nominated for multiple Golden Globe awards with Richard Madden winning the Best Actor award in a television series drama for his performance.



This is undoubtedly a criminally underrated show from South Korea that must be on your watch list. It portrays a future where supernatural creatures could wreak havoc on earth and make it hell. The short first season is intriguing and will leave you asking many questions. It also ends with a mind-boggling cliff-hanger and is available to watch on Netflix.

So which of the above-mentioned short series to watch will you be watching this weekend? let us know in the comment box.


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