15 Most Socially Awkward Situations In The MCU Movies

MCU may be the most successful franchise as of now with back to back blockbusters. But that doesn’t imply it’s perfect. It’s hard to pick out faults in this rightly balanced plot, action, comedy, and visuals, but not impossible. Some moments were overly cringe-worthy and left us speechless. Even though we enjoy reliving them, we can’t deny the sheer awkwardness. It ranges from corny romantic moments to cringe-comedy. Here are the 15 most socially awkward situations in the MCU movies.

 1. Tony and Natasha’s Codes

Socially Awkward Situations In MCU
Socially Awkward Situations In MCU

Tony teases Natasha and Bruce in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” by referring to zucchini. But Natasha being the savage badass she is, comes with a better response, “Not all of us can fly”.

 2. Peter Tingle

Aunt May throwing a banana at poor Peter unceremoniously took him by surprise. But then she explains with her Peter Tingle logic. Uhm… That must have left Peter utterly speechless. Spidey Sense into Peter Tingle- even superheroes aren’t spared of the embarrassments at home.

 3. Rhodey

How does it feel to rewatch Iron Man for the 100th time and hear Terrance Howard say “Next Time, Baby”? It kind of hurts more than watching Black Widow say “See You In 2 Min”. Uhmm… Awkward.

 4. Meyu-mew?

Socially Awkward Situations In MCU
Socially Awkward Situations In MCU

It may be hard to pronounce Mjolnir but how could someone hear it as “Mew-mew”? Every time Darcy says “mew-mew”, I cringe.

 5. When Scary Wanda Made Puppy-dog Face

Okay! So Wanda was this intimidating witch who was on a mind-controlling spree with an evil smirk. It was fun when she fought Iron Man and Gods like Thor. But suddenly she transforms into a scary little kitten by the end of the movie. That’s when Hawkeye decides to take her through a crash course orientation program on Avengers. He also tries to be the cool professor with his little joke “army of robots”.

 6. Natasha’s Vocabulary

Socially Awkward Situations In MCU
Socially Awkward Situations In MCU

Just imagine someone talking to you with jargons like a thesaurus. In “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, Natasha tells Tony “You’re being uncharacteristically non-hyper-verbal”. Who talks like that in real life? That’s horrendously cringe-worthy. Time to separate thesis and reports from conversations!

 7. Rabbit? Raccoon? Fur Face?

Avengers: Endgame CinemaCon

Have a difficult name? Do people always pronounce your name wrong? It’s hard to feel bad for you when poor Rocket can’t even make people get his species right. Thor doesn’t realize that Rocket is a Raccoon and ends up calling him a Rabbit. While that was innocent and hilarious, Captain Marvel went a bit over-board in Avengers: Endgame. She savagely addressed him “Fur-face”. Ouch!

 8. It’s Not What It Looks Like

Peter Parker is a goofball whose aura somehow attracts awkwardness and comedy. One of our favorite moments in Spider: Far From Home was when the beautiful European stranger turned out to be a tough SHIELD agent and straightaway asks Peter to remove his clothes for his secret identity as Spider-Man. Polite Peter had no option but to obey the no-bullsh*t agent and strip, only to have his competitor catch him without pants. Oopsie-Daisy!

 9. Long Last Lasting Longer

Sometimes we just don’t know what to make of Black Widow’s words. It’s just impossible to think straight. When Thor says “Long Last”, Romanoff replies with “That long last is lasting a little longer boys”. Now, just paste the line to a different situation and… Voila! Nat’s boys will teach you how to last longer.

 10. Steve and Sharon’s Kiss

We were guessing some sparks between Steve and Sharon but no one saw that kiss coming. Steve’s undying loyalty towards Peggy getting wasn’t the shock but Sharon being Peggy’s niece made it super awkward. And let’s not forget Bucky and Sam’s glance.

 11. Natasha Kisses Bruce

Socially Awkward Situations In MCU
Socially Awkward Situations In MCU

What sort of chemistry do Black Widow and Bruce Banner even share? They had a few interactions in “The Avengers” and then decided to run away in the next movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Where did that come from? Talk about rushing things. And when Bruce agrees to run away with Natasha, she kisses and throws him off the cliff since she wanted “the other guy”. Saying “I adore you but I need the other guy” is the best way to break up. No beating around the bush.

 12. Captain oh Captain!

It took Steve Rogers aka Captain America a while to drop his combative nature. From saying “I can do this all day”, he resorted to therapy and diplomacy after the events of Infinity War. We saw his worst and most ruthless self in Captain America: Civil War when he was relentlessly fighting without caring about the consequences. He said “you get hurt, hurt ‘em back” and added, “You get killed… walk it off”. Where did that take you, Cap?

 13. 12-minutes Older

Socially Awkward Situations In MCU
Socially Awkward Situations In MCU

We have been using and watching this cliché twin-joke for ages. Be it a 1-minute older or 12-minutes older, just get over it. Moreover, didn’t they have an entire childhood to decide that?

 14. Fighting Villain 101

One of the most awkward and embarrassing “hero vs villain” moments was in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Just when the team had no option but to watch Ronan take over the Orb, Peter Quill aka Star-Lord decided to end an intergalactic war against a dictator with a dance-off. No doubt it was hilarious but how stupid could Ronan be to get distracted that easily?

 15. Tony Is The Best

While Thanos throws heavy lines and quotes with “As long as there are those that remember what was, there’ll always be those that are unable to accept what can be”, Tony is being Tony and simplifies it in six words “Yep. We’re all kinds of stubborn”.

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