10 Funniest Moments That Prove The Guardians Of The Galaxy Are The Most Badass

Where were the Guardians all our lives? Thanks to Marvel Cinematic Universe for bringing these hilarious and eccentric comic book heroes into our lives. They are nothing like the conventional and brooding superheroes we have grown up reading and watching. Even if they are on the verge of saving a universe, their main concern is on how to roast one another. This team of fierce heroes shares a hate-and-love relationship amongst themselves. They have usually won every battle (caused by their stupidity) by mere chance of luck and unity, but they still can’t solve their own fight over leadership.  Despite the adventures and action sequences, the whole movie is comedic relief. Find out the 10 funniest moments that prove the Guardians of the Galaxy are the most badass.

 1. How Is It Stealing If I Don’t Intend To?

On getting released by the Nova Corps, the Guardians are warned to not commit any more illegal activities. But the poor fellas don’t know where to draw the line in the first place. How can they break laws when they don’t even understand the basic values? Rocket tries to clear his doubt by asking the Corpsman if taking something from someone without asking was alright. In his world, he believes that desiring the item more than the owner does, negates the crime.

 2. Sadistic Peter or Rocket?

Rocket Raccoon really needs to get himself checked for his sadistic and cynical hobbies. He loves to dismember physically disabled beings just for self-gratification. He stole the Soviet’s batteries for no reason and subsequently put his team in danger. In one of the scenes when Star-Lord admonishes Rocket for playing with bombs and keeping them around carelessly, Rocket responds with “You just wanna’ suck the joy out of everything.”

 3. It Never Gets Old

Guardians of The Galaxy Badass

It took Star-Lord and the rest to accept the fact that Groot’s vocabulary is limited to three words- I Am Groot. Some may have even assumed that Groot loved his name a bit too much. During their initial interactions, Peter couldn’t stop himself from sarcastically commenting “That’s just as fascinating as the first 89 times you’ve told me that”.

 4. In Case You Didn’t Notice!

Rocket Raccoon gets all dramatic and selfish when Peter Quill and Gamora decide to risk their lives to save the galaxy. His cynical side appears and asks “What has the Galaxy ever done for you? Why would you want to save it?” To this, Peter simply has one explanation “Because I’m one of the idiots who lives in it.” That’s fair enough!

 5. Drax’ Anger Issues

At the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy when the Nova Corps release the team and clears their criminal records for their heroism, Corpsman Dey instructs them to stay away from trouble and any illegal activities. While Rocket Raccoon is still getting familiar with the concept of stealing, Drax doesn’t understand the worst criminal offense, murder. He blatantly asks the Corpsman if he could remove the spine of someone irksome. No, that wasn’t sarcasm from Drax.

 6. Gamora Isn’t Easy To Impress

Guardians of The Galaxy Badass
Guardians of The Galaxy Badass

Peter can’t stop being a ladies’ man even if he is out in the galaxy. He uses the universally flirtatious trick on Gamora by taking her out alone and playing good music. Just when he thinks his Hollywood rom-com dream is coming to fruition, the badass Gamora knocks him down and says “I am not some starry-eyed waif here to succumb to your… your pelvic sorcery”. Wow! That sounds like a c*ndom endorsement!

 7. Thank You For Not Eating Me

Guardians of The Galaxy Badass
Guardians of The Galaxy Badass

Normal people don’t go around thanking one another for not eating them. That’s not a thing and no one even thinks about it (in most cases). But apparently, Yondu wants Star-Lord to be eternally grateful to him for not letting his friends eat him. Uh! How does the food chain work out there?

 8. Ouch! Rocket!

Ok! So we all were pissed at Drax for clouding the little judgment he had and calling Ronan and his army while he was completely unprepared. This put his friends’ lives in danger and got Peter and Gamora abducted by the Ravagers. But hey, the man was battling his loss and trying to cope up. Clearly, that doesn’t count for Rocket. He has proved over the years that you cannot melt him with your past tragedies. That Raccoon has even slapped Thor when he was having a panic attack. So, what makes you think he’d spare Drax?

 9. Are you there, Drax?

The team was brainstorming a plan when Drax jumped in to ask Quill what percentage of a plan he had. But as Gamora shuns him out for his previous act, Drax defends himself with “I just saved Quill”. Even though it’s impossible to make Drax understand anything, Peter tries by reminding him of the entire discussion where they established that destroying a ship when he was on it isn’t “saving” him. Sadly, absent-minded Drax missed out on that crucial part during the meeting.

 10. Poor Gamora

Guardians of The Galaxy Badass
Guardians of The Galaxy Badass

Cruel dad on one side and a bunch of idiots on the other, Gamora’s fate was already doomed. Drax’s dumbness and inability to grasp anything is a comedic relief in the movie. He got pretty offended when Peter called him thesaurus. When Peter tries to explain that it was a metaphor, Rocket interrupts that Drax’s race is literal and metaphors fly over their heads. But then Drax comes to his defense and replies that nothing flies over his head as he will catch everything.

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