Avengers 4 Theory: The Living Will Perish to Revive The Dead

Avengers: Infinity War was a movie that left the audiences star stuck. It left a trail of death and destruction throughout its runtime. All the criticism for Marvel not taking the step to kill off the big guns of the MCU went out in an instance as they were saving all that for the two epic finale events. They did not hesitate to kill off big names like Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and almost all the Guardians. There was a reason behind every name that the Directors and the writers chose to leave alive and ‘the why’ to that may be found in this Avengers 4 theory.

While Avengers 4 is months away from its release, the fans are still hard at deducing any and every possible reason to why certain names were crossed off the list, and more importantly, how will they be brought back. There have been countless theories for that and a new one given by Redditor Wielki 2 claims that the Avengers who were left alive will have to die in order to bring back the ones who died.  Here’s what his theory reads:

“This movie will be the Avengers endgame, their final stand. Whether they go to another dimension or just far into space, they will die there for something that will resurrect everybody back home, after a decision of a big sacrifice. Their deaths might go in segments. Captain America always says his absolute “we don’t trade lives”. In Infinity War this belief was questioned and Cap changed his mind a bit (he let Vision die, covering Scarlet Witch who was killing him). Guess the end of this arc in the final movie with Chris Evans… Meanwhile Stark has had two prophetic dreams: the first about the original Avengers dying (Age of Ultron). The second about having a child (Infinity War). Since Pepper said she is not pregnant, and the actress is a bit old for a biological mother, the child might not be Stark’s literal offspring.”

Then this theory continues to explain how this proposal will be made and the Redditor claims that Stark will be the one to offer that with all others agreeing to the consensus. It continues:

“Tony will be the one to propose a sacrifice, if this could bring back Peter Parker. Hawkeye/Ronin, who probably lost a hefty part of his family (or total) will be first to agree. Rhodey will agree to do anything Stark does, out of gratitude for how Stark’s technology saved his life multiple times and out of his sheer sense of duty for the humanity. If Okoye is there, she might get a warrior’s end she envisioned and was ready for in Infinity War, but where she did not reach a satisfying conclusion “this is no place to die”. She sacrifices herself to bring back her King and all dead Wakandans. Thor, having lost everything and having failed to kill Thanos in the most crucial moment, will sacrifice himself for the last Asgardians and the universe. Black Widow and Hulk are hard to predict, but Steve Rogers will wait for all others before he also agrees, so maybe the two make a decision together (call-back to Age of Ultron) and then Cap immediately discloses his view on the matter.”

The theorist then claims that Ant-Man might be of a great help in the entire plot, but he probably won’t agree for the dead swap decision, unless his daughter also perished with the big snap. If she did, then Avengers 4 would probably be the last film for Ant-Man and the Wasp will return to carry the franchise forward.

Avengers 4 Theory

As for Nebula, the Redditor thinks that she might kill Thanos, sacrifice herself to bring back Gamora, or both. And then he concludes by explaining the fates of the characters who will return from the dead as he says that Doctor Strange will return and explain to everyone what happened having seen the future before dying. Peter will inherit all of Stark’s assets or share them with Pepper, and Black Panther would step into Iron Man’s shoes as a fighter and a leader.

Falcon would fill the late War Machine’s shoes, Carol Danvers would take up Captain’s shield. Or S.H.I.E.L.D., together with Nick Fury. Valkyrie would be crowned the queen of Asgard.

Scarlet Witch and Vision would live happily ever after. Then Star-lord would resurrect Gomora from the stone and veer off into space and finally, the Post credits would show Bucky taking care of Hawkeye’s family.

Avengers 4 Captain America can cheat death

While the Redditor explains the fate of everyone, we have to say that this is a bit far stretched, and absolutely none of it would happen for the sake of telling a good story in Avengers 4. People are going to die, but not in the way proposed here. Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019. 

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