Wonder Woman New Teaser Reveals ‘Astonishing’ Details About The Plot

Get excited DC fans because new Trailer of Wonder Woman movie is going to be released tomorrow. After the reports from trailer tracker site that Wonder Woman trailer #3 has been classified a week ago, Many people have speculated that The new trailer for movie will be attached to WB’s Kong: the skull island but later Nickelodeon and Actress Gal Gadot revealed that it will be shown on Kids choice awards on Saturday 5 pm, Indian fans will be able to see it on Sunday morning. Ahead of trailer release, WB has released a new poster along with three new teasers for tomorrow’s trailer.

Teaser #1 shows Diana’s entry into London, as she is from Thymiscira, which is a beautiful place and London torn and burned because of war going on, Diana says “it’s hideous”. To which Steve reply’s “I know it’s not for everybody”.

The second teaser shows us glimpses of Diana’s training on Thymiscira, where she was trained under General Antiope who is her aunt and she is badass. In this trailer we first hear voice of Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, she was addressing this to General Antiope “You will train her harder than any Amazon before her, until she is better than even you,” we also got to see what those Bracelets can do as Diana is guarding herself against the sword of Antiope, with the help of her bracelets. She mistakenly does her Iconic Hands crossing pose, banging both bracelets together which creates such force whose intensity throws Antiope along with other Amazonians away from her. And I think this is going to be that moment where Diana will discover the powers within her bracelets.

The third teaser starts with some heroic lines from wonder woman,” I am Princess Diana, Daughter of Hippolyta-and you wrath upon earth is over”. Also, we got the humor in this teaser as Daina started walking with a dress from world war time along with shield and sword in hand and to stop her Steve and Etta candy suggested that it will not look good in a quirky manner. Al teaser indicates that this movie gas humor content as well as warmth which was missing from previous DC movies. So don’t forget to check the trailer tomorrow.

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