Unused ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Concept Art Reveals a Totally Different Mantis

There are many amazing characters in the Marvel Universe but only a few are out there with who are both sweet and kind of weird in appearance and Mantis is one of them. I know, you’re in a sense of confusion as saying Mantis a weird character is just too harsh for a cute girl like her but it’s not her two moving antennae which make her a little weird. But, her appearance could’ve been a little different as according to Marvel Studios’ Director of Visual Development Andy Park as he shared the unused concept art pieces of Mantis and also told the fans that the design was already approved for her debut appearance in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 but was changed when it went to the FX stage.


The picture shows a whole lot of difference the two avatars of Mantis and now it’s up to the fans that do they like the Mantis they already have or the Mantis of this unused concept art is what they would love even more. If we take a deep look into the pictures posted by Park then we will able to find and realize that the unused Mantis has a lot of features which resembles her directly to an insect, the ridges and markings on the face of Mantis makes her look less-human and also the antennae which we find cute could’ve been completely different and close to the real-insects one.

The costume Mantis wears is of green and blue color but in the picture, we can see that the armor is exactly similar to the one we‘d see on the artificial planet –Sakaar, created by the Grandmaster. It is the homeland of the Sakaarans and many other species stranded on the planet from different parts of the cosmos. It’s funny to realize that Drax found this version of Mantis really ugly and we can only imagine and dream about the things he would’ve said to Mantis if this unused concept art would’ve been the finalized one.

Pom Klementieff has portrayed the role of Mantis perfectly on the screen and despite Drax’s comments and not too much exposure to the character. She still loves her character and also stated that

“She’s weird, she’s special, she’s in her own world and I get to do funny things, and I love to do that. Oftentimes, in movies like this, the guys get to do the funny things and the girls have to play the ‘stop having fun guys’ role, which is great too.”

Avengers 4 Nebula Tony Stark

“But, it’s nice to have a different kind of woman. It’s fun to play that. I like to be a weirdo. People sometimes come up to me and tell me how much they love the character and feel a connection with Mantis because they themselves aren’t that confident or feel good in their own skin. For me, it’s really touching and important that this character exists.” The actress told to Paper Magazine.

But, we’re going to see the cute-weirdo in ‘Avengers 4’ according to the hints her co-star Karan Gillan (Nebula) has given 3 days ago when she posted a picture from the inside of her make-up room while filming the reshoots of the movie. She posts a picture of herself having Klementieff’s face into her hands.  Thus, it clarifies that she’s probably in the ‘Avengers 4’.

The character has an interesting back-story as she was trained by the Priests of Parma to become the grand mistresses of the martial arts, demonstrated as capable of defeating opponents as skilled as Captain America (Although, he was distracted while fighting a dragon). She could also instinctively sense points in an opponent and with her skills in pressure points knock out beings as powerful as the thunder god, Thor. She has only lost in hand to hand martial arts match to Moondragon, and her father Libra.

Unused 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' Concept Art Reveals a Totally Different Mantis

So, a lot of interesting things are there just like any other Marvel character. But, ‘rejections aren’t always bad’ as the look she currently have is far better than the unused concept art. We’ll see what kind of role and impact she’ll have in ‘Avengers 4’ with reports of her potential team-up with the Wasp (Evangeline Lilly). ‘Avengers 4’ is going to premiers in theatres on May 3, 2019.

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