10 Most Popular Movies Whose Romantic Advices Are The Worst

Romantic movies are beautiful and warm as long as they are happening on the screen. But the moment you think of recreating your favorite rom-com moments in real life, it might raise a red flag. Not just stunts, movies should warn the viewers not to repeat the corny moments in real life. It’s totally not cool to take your love ideas from movies. It’s just not! In fact, it is safe to say that these movies have filled our heads with ideas and dreams that do not lie with reality. Here are the 10 most popular movies whose romantic advices are the worst.

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Hate Turning Into Love

If you ever dislike someone from the core of your heart, don’t expect to fall in love with him/her suddenly. Movies like “The Ugly Truth” or “10 Things I Hate About You” might instill this idea in your mind, but NO. Two people usually hate each other when they are in dissent with each other’s beliefs, characters, or actions. The hatred can turn hot but falling love would require something common between you both. You can’t expect a happily ever after if your basic beliefs are poles apart. Chances are that you will continue fighting even in the relationship.

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When The Guy Is After A non-interested Girl

Movies Whose Romantic Advices Are Worst
Movies Whose Romantic Advices Are Worst

If a girl has turned you down repeatedly, but you still go after her with big romantic gestures, she might end up calling the cops. These work out in movies where the hero finally convinces the lead lady after pestering her for months with flowers, invitations, proposals, etc. The least you could do in real life is play hard to get.

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The First Guy You Meet After Imprisonment

From Princess Fiona in “Shrek” to Rapunzel in “Tangled” or Snow-White in “Mirror Mirror”, all of them have one thing in common. A girl who has been imprisoned for ages and knows nothing about the outside world falls in love with the first guy she meets, who also turns out to be her rescuer. And above all, even the guy falls for her and they live happily ever after.

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Falling In Love With Your Obsessed Stalker

In “Twilight” saga, before Bella learned that Edward was a vampire, she was totally smitten by him stalking her. In spite of the guy telling her that he is obsessed with her, watches her sleeping, and wants to kill her, Bella falls head over heels for him. Even Robert Pattinson has poked fun at his character and the whole bizarro love story.

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You Can Fix The Player

So the player roams around with the most popular girl throughout high school life until he meets someone totally opposite. Movies like “The Ugly Truth”, “A Walk To Remember”, “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” sell the idea that the romantic and humble girl can change the bad boy. God knows how many girls and boys have used this idea in real life, only to get their hearts broken. Stop thinking that you can change him/her.

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Fighting Your Nemesis Is Romantic

From Hiccup and Astrid in “How To Train Your Dragon” to Rapunzel and Flynn in “Tangled” and Batman and Catwoman in Batman movies, the two parties were legit rivals who had competed or attacked each other violently. But fighting and attempting to kill each other will eventually make you fall in love with each other.

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Being Angry and Cold Is What Women Want

Did You Know Wolverine Had A Long Lost Brother
Did You Know Wolverine Had A Long Lost Brother

What is up with brooding guys replacing Mr. Charming? The angrier, aloof, and closed a man is, the more turned on the love interest would be. Why would you even want to sit with someone who is always angry and quiet? What will you talk about for the rest of your life? And this idea of the happy-go-lucky girl turning the man into a delight may not necessarily work.

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Friends With Benefits Leads To Happily Ever After

God knows how many heart-break movies like “No Strings Attached” and “Friends With Benefits” have led to. These unrealistic rom-coms have inflated so many expectations in hopeless romantics who end up falling in love with someone who just wasn’t that into you. Nine out of ten “no strings attached” do not last forever.

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Parents Are Always Wrong

Movies Whose Romantic Advices Are Worst
Movies Whose Romantic Advices Are Worst

Movies like “The Notebook” and “Titanic” teach you that parents with more experience with reality and life are always wrong. The teenagers who haven’t seen life yet know better than their parents.

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Dangerous Adventures Lead To Commitments

It is true that being in dangerous and life-threatening situations together can release dopamine in your body and lead to short term attraction. But it’s better if the audience doesn’t expect this infatuation to turn into a long-term commitment.

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