7 Most Disappointing Action Movies of All Time

The action is a genre that has always entertained us in a different manner. Flying cars, complicated fight scenes always keep us on our toes. But then there are action movies which are a big time disappointment.

1. Fire Birds’ (1990)


Sean Young may have lost her chance to show up in 1989’s “Batman,” yet, in any event, she got to co-star Nic Cage as a helicopter pilot attempting to destroy a medication cartel. It’s little ask why Young had her Catwoman-related emergency presently.

2. ‘RoboCop 2’ (1990)


You’d think that having the director of “The Empire Strikes Back” would ensure that this spin-off would be at par with the original. In any case, you can just do as such much with a script that is substance to repeat thoughts and heap on the savagery.

3. ‘Marked for Death’ (1990)


Seagal commenced the decade with this delightful “GEM,” where he featured as a retired DEA operator compelled to fight a posse of Jamaican street pharmacists who have assumed control over the place where he grew up. Indeed, even the distinguished Keith David couldn’t spare this photo.

4. ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!” (1992)


Sylvester Stallone didn’t precisely have an extraordinary reputation amid the ’90s, however, this terrible amigo cop film takes the cake. Indeed, even in Stallone’s words, it is, ” one of the worst films in the entire solar system.”

5. ‘Last Action Hero’ (1993)


On paper, the possibility of Arnold Schwarzenegger featuring in a film that spoofs the activity type and its muscle-bound legends sounded incredible. By and by, “Last Action Hero” more likely than not taken an extremely wrong turn in Albuquerque. This was the primary sign that possibly Arnie’s Hollywood profession had peaked.

6. ‘Striking Distance’ (1993)


“Striking Distance” demonstrates that giving Bruce Willis a role as an amiable, hands on a cop isn’t generally a formula for achievement. This film fundamentally reused each figure of speech in the cop motion picture playbook and throwing Sarah Jessica Parker surprisingly as the brave accomplice didn’t help.

7. ‘Beverly Hills Cop III’ (1994)


Axel Foley most likely ought to have stopped while he was ahead. In spite of rejoining Eddie Murphy with “Trading Places” and “Coming to America” director John Landis, the last portion in the set of three did not have the start of its ancestors.

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