Deadpool Now Has His Own Kingdom And It’s Called “Deadpoolopolis”

Deadpool Kingdom: Deadpoolopolis-

Deadpool is a loudmouth and that is no strange fact. But as soon as we saw him on the big screen, we all loved his outgoing and blunt personality with a fighting style so unique that you have to just adore this guy. But how would you feel if we tell you that Deadpool now has a kingdom? Yes, that’s right! He has his own kingdom and it is called Deadpoolopolis. Warning alert for Deadpool #9, so treads lightly!

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Deadpool, Wade Wilson officially has his own kingdom as King of the Monsters, and he’s finally chosen a name for the Island formerly known as Staten. While becoming a king wasn’t exactly his intention, Wade has become determined to do his best ruling the plethora of monsters who see him as their ruler. However, that doesn’t mean he’s become any more sober or serious because best believe he is still fooling around all the time. Additionally, the new name for his kingdom is quite fitting for Wade’s personality, even if – as the comics’ own captions note – it has “way too many O’s to be a reasonable word.”

He got right to work on making sure his priorities were out of whack as soon as Wade became King of the Monsters by killing the previous Monster King in this new series from Kelly Thompson and Gerardo Sandoval. One of the first things he focused on was creating a poll for his subjects to choose a new name for his kingdom, all while Captain America tried reasoning with him about the volatile situation his rule is creating. They couldn’t very well keep calling it Staten Island, after all. However, the leading name at the beginning of the series was “Islandy McIslandface,” much to Wade’s dismay. But now, the name is confirmed in Deadpool #9.

When Deadpool is trying to save his new interest Elsa Bloodstone, the infamous monster hunter, he sees himself standing in front of the frightening Bone Beast Queen. During their battle, Wade is all super-powered up with the Bloodstone that was killing Elsa. The Bone Beast Queen taunts DP, sharing her plans to take over his kingdom, confirming the new name is “Deadpoolopolis” and sharing her plans to rename it “the Bone Zone” after her horrifying monster race.

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Wade is able to kill the Queen and purge the Bloodstone of its infection, causing him to explode in the process, and leaving him as a talking head in the aftermath. At the end of the issue, Elsa kisses Wade, and the pair head out in search of a portal to get them back to Wade’s magnificent kingdom of Deadpoolopolis in order to continue his rule. DP is a king now, and we are loving it. Here’s hoping Deadpool’s time as the Monster King of Deadpoolopolis continues for a while longer.

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