12 Worst And Useless Members in the X-Men Team

Useless Members in X-Men Team:

When we think of the Marvel universe, the most popular superhero teams to pop up in our minds are the Avengers and X-Men. They are the best-selling brands of comic books. The X-Men has some of the most powerful and formidable mutants that can take the world by storm. Professor X, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Storm, and Cyclops alone can shatter a country. It’s next to impossible to win when these mutants unite against one common enemy. However, there are some members who are more of a liability than an asset to the team. They are the weakest X-Men who will only slow down a mission. Find out the 12 worst members of the X-Men team.

 1. Prism

Useless Members in X-Men Team
Useless Members in X-Men Team

Prism’s life will somehow remind you of an insect or mosquito. His replica keeps coming back to life only to be shattered into a million pieces. Prism can absorb and reflect any rays of light. It is useful as long as his enemies don’t about his fragile state. The X-Men can easily shatter into pieces if hit with powerful energy like the one released from Jean Grey.

 2. Gin Genie

Your potential to fight and concentrate while you’re drunk naturally goes down. That makes Gin Genie’s life pretty complicated since she can cast seismic waves only after getting sloshed. As a result, Gin has ended up harming her own teammates after losing her sense.

 3. Skin

This X-Men is nothing like the Elongated Man from The Flash nor like Mr. Fantastic. This guy just has a lot of extra inches of skin hanging from his body that he flaps at people. After all, the mutant cure can be useful for some.

 4. Bailey Hoskins

Useless Members in X-Men Team
Useless Members in X-Men Team

Bailey has been in almost every mutant team in the Marvel Universe. Be it X-Men, X-Force, New Mutant, and X-Factor. Despite his experience and exposure, he is considered as the worst X-Men ever. Every mutant and human would prefer staying miles away from him. The only mutant power that Bailey possesses its self-detonation. He can blow himself up but only once. It would have awesome if his cells could regenerate like those of Deadpool and Wolverine, but no.

 5. Beak

Out of all the mutants, poor Beak is the only one who couldn’t make any use of his mutant abilities. He bore a weird resemblance to birds but couldn’t fly. He had a very tragic life with that appearance and little to no powers. He still tried to give his best while still on the team.

 6. Wraith

Wraith has the ability to make his skin invisible. Wait till we get further into it. When we say invisible, it is only limited to his skin, leaving his muscles and bones for a direct view. These powers are useful when he visits a doctor or gets an X-Ray. One can argue that they can be utilized to scare one’s enemy by becoming a dancing muscle-man.

 7. Tattoo

People spend so much money and endure pain to get inked. But the one who was born with this talent has no use of it as a mutant. The tattoo had the ability to change the pattern on her skin and camouflage with her environment. And that’s about it. That’s probably useful in a world where military and camouflage uniforms are not available.

 8. Wing

Useless Members in X-Men Team
Useless Members in X-Men Team

Wing was a young boy whose special power was the ability to fly. Interestingly, the mutant named Wing didn’t have any wings. After he was forcefully given the mutant cure, Wing jumped from a high point to check his powers and fell over his face.

 9. Maggott

The one X-Men you don’t want to have a meal with is Maggot. If his name makes you raise your eyebrows then wait to learn about his superpowers. He feeds by blasting two worms, named Eany and Meany, from his body. Whatever the worms eat (literally everything and anything) directly powers up Maggott. Furthermore, Maggott can also telepathically learn the history of whatever he eats.

 10. Stacy X

Stacy X was a mutant prostitute who had joined the X-Men for a short period of time. Her mutant powers? She could secrete pheromones on skin contact which she used at the brothel in Nevada. After joining the X-Men she used her powers to seduce their enemies. Stacy X also had excellent combat skills but that had nothing to do with her mutant powers.

 11. Jubilee

Jubilee is popularly known amongst X-Men fans as compared to the other names on this list. Her powers are quite dazzling but it has not much use during wars. She can only produce pyrotechnic energy which is like sparkly “fireworks”. These powers are ironically overshadowed by Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine, etc.

 12. El Guapo

El Guapo’s powers are his psychic ability to pilot a super-powered skateboard that can fly. But this duo has more devastating and sad moments than any success stories. El has been subjected to more harm than good when riding the skateboard. On the other hand, the longer he stays away from his skateboard, the worse his health gets.

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