Hidden Details In DC Movies That Warned Us About Future Events

Hidden Details in DC Movies:

DC pioneered in breathing life into comic book characters by bringing them on the screen about 30 years ago. Even though MCU has dominated the superhero movie genre with its exceptional quality, DC too has some masterpieces under its wing. Some of the best directors of Hollywood, such as Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan, Patty Jenkins, James Wan, and Zack Snyder are attached to the DC projects. These gems are known for their brilliant attention-to-detail. The eagle-eyed loyal fans who have watched these movies more than once have spotted fascinating details hidden in the movie. These details were either Easter-egg or forewarned about a plot twist or event.

The DC universe may have lagged in creating a universe as popular as that of Marvel on the silver screen, but there is no doubt that WB and DC have produced some of the most legendary standalone. From Dark Knight Trilogy to Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. left our jaws dropped with the mind-blowing plot, visuals, and cinematography. Here are the 10 hidden details in DC movies that warned us about future events. Let us know if you spotted these or if we missed any such detail.

 1. Miranda Tate Shared Her Intentions

Miranda Tate’s real identity was Talia al Ghul who was the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul and the leader of the League of Shadows. She targeted Gotham to burn in her vengeance for her father’s death with the help of Bane. Talia pretended to be an ally of Bruce Wayne as a businesswoman named Miranda. But before revealing her identity, Miranda once said that “you have to invest if you want to restore balance to the world.” It was an indication of her connections to the League of Shadows since Ra’s al Ghul too said that on many occasions in Batman Begins.

 2. Aquaman and “The Dunwich Horror”

The opening scene of Aquaman starts with the apartment of Arthur’s father. As the camera travels around, it is pretty evident that it froze on the book on a coffee table for us to read. The book turned out to be The Dunwich Horror by H.P. Lovecraft. It is one of James Wan’s favorite books and inspired him to put Lovecraft elements in the movie. The film and its plot were highly influenced by Lovecraft. The book is about the offspring of a human and an extraterritorial being that mirrors Aquaman’s origin.

 3. Excalibur in BvS

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice takes us to the night where Bruce saw his parents getting murdered. Young Bruce and his parents were leaving a theatre that was going to screen the movie Excalibur next. The plot of Excalibur resonated with that BvS since the hero of the former had to impale himself to kill the villain just like Superman’s fate. Moreover, the same Excalibur poster appeared in Joker as well when Bruce’s parents were killed.

 4. Bane Wasn’t The Child Escaping The Pit

Christopher Nolan is genius and only a genius fan could crack the real villain in The Dark Knight Rises. The biggest plot twists in the movie was when Miranda revealed her true identity. The story tricked us to believe that the kid escaping the prison was Bane. But Bane already told Batman that he was born in the dark and didn’t see the light until he was a “MAN”.

His words were “Oh, you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man.”

 5. Shadow On Selina Kyle’s Face

Hidden Details in DC Movies
Hidden Details in DC Movies

One needs to be attentive while watching Tim Burton’s movie. The genius director played with hidden clues again in Batman Returns. Before Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina transformed into Catwoman, there was a scene where one could spot shadow on Selina’s glasses. It vividly reflected Catwoman’s appearance and foreshadowed her future transformation.

 6. Joker’s Card In Batman

Tim Burton is one of the best minds to have ever taken up the DC project. In Batman, when Jack Napier draws a Joker card, there is a hole on Joker’s cheek on the card. It was uncanny to see him meet the same fate in the future as he gets shot on his cheek.

 7. Sir Patrick’s Response Towards Diana

Sir Patrick’s unwelcoming attitude towards Diana as she appears in the Parliament didn’t arrive from any misogynistic emotions. The situation tricked us to think that way, though. Patrick’s dismissive attitude arose from his fear to see the Amazonian sent to destroy him, Ares.

 8. Batman’s Cameo In joker

It requires presence of mind and eagle eyes to spot this super interesting detail in Joker. In the opening scene when Arthur is doing his makeup as Joker in the dressing room, his background in the mirror reflection reminds of Batman.

 9. Harvey’s Fate As Two-Face

Hidden Details in DC Movies
Hidden Details in DC Movies

Harvey was a sensible and a righteous cop in Gotham City whose experiences and loss forced him to descend into madness and become the Two-Face. But before his physical and mental transformation, Nolan foreboded his fate in The Dark Knight. It happened during an interrogation scene when Batman decided to reveal his identity for others’ safety. It was followed by a shocking outburst from Harvey’s end who screamed “You can’t give in!” Not only did the shadow covering one side of his face remind us of Two-Face but his emotional explosion reflected his future.

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