10 Interesting Details About Star-Lord In The MCU That You Missed

Most of us are so engrossed with the plot and adventures of the film that we miss out on the little but significant details. The same goes for Guardians of the Galaxy, a Marvel comic book adaption that owes its popularity to the movies. Hardly anyone read the comic books until MCU brought life into the characters on the silver screen. The Guardians got globally famous and shot up its comic book sales. The obscure character who suddenly became as popular as Captain America and Spider-Man is Star-Lord. Chris Pratt’s portrayal of the hilarious and entertaining superhero has won everyone’s hearts.

This has led a lot of fans to rewatch the movies with eagle eyes and observe the hidden elements linked to Peter Quill. The MCU subtly snuck in these elements that are pretty important to the story. We have listed some of the interesting details about Star-Lord in the MCU that you missed.

 1. Peter Quill In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Yes, Peter Quill may have appeared in the second installment of Captain America but as Chris Pratt. Some curious fans paused the film and zoomed in to get a closer view of the faces on Zola’s algorithm. Among the various faces, there is Chris Pratt on the second picture in the right column. These pictures might belong to the casting list of Guardians of the Galaxy which was being filmed during that time.

 2. Peter’s Translator

Rocket Raccoon is the only one who can understand Groot’s verbally challenged language. It is shocking that even Peter fails to get Groot since he has a translator implanted in his neck. This information was shown in the first movie when Peter was imprisoned by the Nova.

 3. Peter’s Ancestry

We learnt about Peter’s lineage in the second installment of GOTG when his cosmic father, Ego, the Living Planet turned up. But it was forewarned even in the early scenes of the first film when he was in the prison. The screen reading his records also indicated his obscure genes. A red light passed through his DNA scan, confusing the NOVA corps about his hybrid parentage.

 4. Nobody Knows Peter Quill

The MCU is always joking about the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy was unknown to Marvel comic book readers until it came out in movies. We have seen this hitting back whenever the Avengers or intergalactic entities fail to recognize him. Peter always prefers calling himself Star-Lord but evidently, no one gets it right. Some call him Star-Prince and some say Space-Lord. When he was arrested on Xander, the screen with criminal records about him read “Space-Lord”.

 5. Peter’s Grandfather in GOTG2

Both viewers and Peter last saw his grandfather in GOTG’s first film before he was abducted. His grandfather was shown again in the second film as one of the victims affected by the Ego’s destructive plan. He was the aged man in the car that was about to fall from the bridge.

 6. Star-Lord Hinted At The Infinity Stones

In the first GOTG when Peter Quill had walked into the Temple on Morag, it indicated the existence of the Infinity Stones. There were murals of Death, Eternity, Entropy, and Infinity surrounding the Infinity Stones. The stones were created by these Cosmic Entities.

 7. Yondu’s Love For Peter

The entire saga of the Guardians of the Galaxy showed the troubled relationship between Peter Quill and his abductor, Yondu. It was at the end of GOTG2 where we realized Yondu’s affection for Quill. While Quill’s biological father, Ego was a villain, Yondu loved him like his son and sacrificed his life to protect Star-Lord. The troll doll that Peter gifted Yondu without giving any thoughts was still kept on Yondu’s desk in the second movie.

 8. He Still Has His Childhood Shirt

Keeping your childhood belongings as a memento is pretty common. But it has more value in Peter Quill’s case as he still kept the shirt he was wearing as a kid on the day his mother passed away. This outfit was the last thing he wore on his home planet before he was abducted. 26-years later, his fling on his spaceship woke up wearing the same t-shirt.

 9. Peter Kept His Childhood Items

Not just his shirt, but the items that were in his bag on the day he was abducted are still with Peter. He not only lost his mother that day but also lost his home planet and the chance to lead a normal life. Just imagine being kidnapped by aliens and never returning home! The sensor that he uses to detect intergalactic creatures nearby used to be his Mattel Electronic Football video game. These items were his only memory from home.

 10. Peter Expresses Himself Through Music

We are not the only ones who relate our sad stories with deep songs. The music that Peter listens to is not meant for only dance-offs. Some of them have deeper and more melancholic meanings like the “Rubberband Man” he listens to in Avengers: Infinity War. The song was about a boy who was teased for being overweight. Even Peter was teased by his team for gaining weight in the film.

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