10 Famous Movies That Were Impossible To Shoot

Movies That Were Impossible To Shoot:

After a script is written and visualized, the bigger challenge awaiting it is its implementation. No matter how twisting the plot is, we are almost certain that the lead actor always wins. But real-life complications are uncertain and definitely tougher to deal with. Meeting a budget and pitching the idea to an interesting production house are some of the biggest hurdles. Sometimes directors struggle a lot to achieve what they had imagined. The other times it’s the actors and the crew who are put through the torment to live up to the director’s bizarre ideas. We have spoken about some of the legendary movies that were on the verge of getting canceled due to the production difficulties. Find out the 10 iconic movies that were impossible to shoot.

 1. Jaws

Movies Directed by Steven Spielberg

The fear of the unknown is the greatest fear. “ It’s what we don’t see which is truly frightening,” said Steven Spielberg. Making a movie based on shark was a nightmare even for the production team as the mechanical shark kept getting destroyed due to the water. So Spielberg was quick on his feet and decided to show the shark as less as possible. This ended up making the movie scarier and a big hit.

 2. Star Wars

Can you believe that Star Wars was about to get nixed from our history? The movie was first signed by Universal studios only to get rejected later since no one believed in sci-fi those days. But only the ones to dare to make a change and create their own route make a difference. The president of 20th Century Fox believed in the idea and backed director George Lucas in crafting the most legendary franchise ever. Interestingly, Universal attempted to build their own “monster” franchise recently but failed terribly.

 3. The Wizard of Oz


The ultimate classic story for kids had a harrowing behind-the-scenes story that was a far cry from the fantasy world. Most of the crew and cast suffered from the onset temperatures and the adverse reactions from the makeup and costumes. An actor who was cast for the tin man got replaced due to breathing problems while the Wicked Witch played by Margaret Hamilton had suffered from severe burns.

 4. Back To The Future

Back to the Future is on the greatest adventure movies in the history of cinema. But before becoming a classic, the director and writer of the movie struggled a lot to pitch this idea. No production house wanted to take this and Disney was even appalled by the idea of incest. At last, it was the great mind Steven Spielberg who saw something in the story and took it to Universal.

 5. Titanic

Titanic is one of the greatest pieces ever delivered by Hollywood. The audience from all across the globe was smitten by the story. Everyone who watches movies, young and old, of every gender, has seen Titanic. But the masterpiece gave a nightmare experience to the crew who refuse to relive their experience. According to reports, many crew members got sick after having a contaminated soup and it was nearly impossible for the actors to work around shouting and screaming James Cameron. Additionally, the director had zero tolerance for mistakes and even turned the water to a freezing temperate to extract authenticity.

 6. Apocalypse Now

The masterpiece by the legendary Francis Ford Coppola was based on the Vietnam War. But it wasn’t easy to helm this film, let alone making it critically acclaimed. The productions had to suffer through a huge ordeal and life-threatening situations. A typhoon had hit the filming, followed by several diseases engulfing the crew. Even an actor had suffered a heart attack during the shoot.

 7. The Abyss

Making a movie that was filmed majorly underwater had thrown the crew and the cast for a nervous breakdown. They had to spend half the day about 40 feet underwater and shoot. No wonder why James Cameron is titled the “scariest man in Hollywood” and why Titanic actress Kate Winslet said she was genuinely afraid of him.

 8. The Revenant

It takes an unimaginable amount of blood and sweat to achieve your dreams. In the case of the critically acclaimed The Revenant that earned Leonardi Di Caprio his first Oscar award, the struggle was a trip to hell. The temperate at the movie location made it unbearable for the crew to survive. It was made worse by director Alejandro Inarritu who wanted to film the movie in chronological order. Leonardo dived in the freezing lake for real and slept in the animal carcass. But the movie ended up winning three Academy Awards for best actor, director, and cinematographer.

 9. The Shining

The Shining was equally horrifying on the sets just like it was on the screen. But unlike Jack Nicholson, it was director Stanley Kubrick who scared the hell out of the crew and cast. It took three days to film the legendary “Here’s Johnny” to achieve Stanley’s level of perfection. Moreover, he terrified the actress Shelley Duvall so much with his working style that she suffered anxiety and ended up leaving Hollywood.

 10. Waterworld

One of the exceptions from this list of iconic movies is Waterworld. Making a film on a post-apocalyptic world where the majority of Earth is underwater was not managed well by the production team.  They carried out the filming on the real sea in Hawaii which caused most of the crew to get seasick. Actors kept getting stung by starfish and to top it all, a massive storm over Hawaii affected the crew and the set.

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