10 Famous Movie Villains We Wish Were Heroes Instead

Movie Villains We Wish Were Heroes:

No one is evil but it’s the situation and experiences that make them the way. Some movies took the pain of showing us why some characters descended to wickedness. As a result, not only did we connect to the villain but we also got confused as to whom to root for. Even Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker showed how society forced him to lose his humanity and become cynical. Revisiting the origin of some of the greatest villains in cinemas have forced us to wonder who the real hero was. We have listed some of the famous movie villains we wish were heroes instead.

 1. Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada

Rude and Insulting characters

It is believed the Miranda Priestly was based on the real-life Editor-In-Chief of Vogue. But these conjectures have never been confirmed nor denied and left for the public to decide. Miranda wasn’t a villain but a strong and formidable player in her industry. Without the passion of making impossible things possible, Miranda wouldn’t have climbed to that spot. If you are not badass and intimidating in this cut-throat competition, you might get stomped over.

 2. Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Fantastic Beasts 3 Johnny Depp

Grindelwald was portrayed as a dark and power-hungry wizard who wanted wizard dominance over the muggles. He didn’t want the wizards to live in hiding from the muggle world. Anyone in his place could have wondered why wizards have to exist in secrecy to avoid being discriminated against. Even Harry and his mother Lilly were called freaks and mistreated by Petunia and Vernon Dursley. The Wizarding World had taken excessive steps to conceal their world.

 3. Loki in Thor

Loki had was the son of Odin ( adopted or not) and had the right to the throne. In the absence of Thor and Odin, Loki was the rightful heir. Attacking him because he was ruling Asgard shows discrimination against Loki. Even in the end, Loki revealed that he didn’t want the throne. All he wanted was to be treated equally.

 4. Gollum in Lord of the Rings

Sci-Fi Movies
Movie Villains We Wish Were Heroes

Gollum was in love with the Ring ever since he found it and lived with it peacefully for about 400 years. Nothing could separate Gollum from the Ring and it was his obsession that drove him after Frodo who was on his way to destroy it. Even though Frodo was the chosen one, it was Gollum who destroyed it. As he bit off Frodo’s finger and retrieved the Ring, Gollum happily fell into Mount Doom.

 5. Hela in Thor: Ragnarok

Facts about Charlize Theron

Every villain in the Iron Man world was created by Tony Stark. Similarly, most of the villains in Thor’s world were creations of Odin. Had Odin been a wise ruler and a father, Thor’s siblings would have been on his side of the fence for a change. Hela was raised to be an invader and a conqueror by Odin. As she started to display signs of too much cruelty, Odin decided to lock her up for about 1000 years and cast a spell that would imprison her till he is alive. So basically, he introduced his little daughter to slaughter at a young age and keep her banished and isolated from her family for millennia.

 6. General Zod in Man of Steel

For starters, we are confused about why General Zod wanted to revamp Earth to make it suitable for Kryptonians when his people could anyway adapt to the earth’s atmosphere. Regardless, his ambitions stemmed from his concern for his planet and its inhabitants that were destroyed. Superman could have easily conducted a dialogue with him and convinced him to build a new Krypton on Mars.

 7. Shere Khan in Jungle Book

Movie Villains We Wish Were Heroes
Movie Villains We Wish Were Heroes

Jungle Book seems to be a mirror where we humans need to check ourselves. It acts as a critical call for us to reflect on our actions. Shere Khan wasn’t wrong to accuse humans of being dangerous. They have caused the depletion of trees and destroyed forests. Who wouldn’t fight to protect their home? Not just the trees, but the human race has been cruel to animals for years. They have hunted them down for pride and traded their skin, horns, and other organs for status. We don’t support Shere’s generalizing all humans to be the same but who can blame the old tiger for being hateful?

 8. Senator Kelly in X-Men

All Senator Kelly wanted to do was keep a record of the Mutants and the powers each possessed. He wasn’t discriminating against them but only advocated for their registration. The hatred built against him stemmed from uncertainties and fears.

 9. Magneto in X-Men

Brutal fights between X-Men members

Magneto is the most misunderstood character in Marvel. It was humankind that forced him to protect himself and become a villain ultimately. He was a kid when his mother was murdered right in front of his eyes and a few years later, his daughter was met with the same fate. He was tortured only because he was different. He was the hero of the harmless mutants and his trepidation came true in Logan.

 10. Raoul Silva in Skyfall

Movie Villains We Wish Were Heroes
Movie Villains We Wish Were Heroes

James Bond and Raoul were both agents whose organization had the same motto and protocol of functioning. Only because Bond was the lead in Skyfall, he was painted in a good picture. Well, had the movie been from Raoul’s point of view, he would have been the hero as well.

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