25 Unapologetic Behind the Scenes Photos of Famous Movie Villains

We all love to watch movies especially because of the heroes and it is also true that villains are the ones who make our hero look good. So here we brought you some of the unapologetic behind-the-scenes photos of famous movie villains:


2.Jack Nicholson on The Shining Set!!

3. Patrick Bateman – American Psycho

4. Michael Myers


6.Heath Ledger As Joker!

7. Heath Ledger On The Dark Knight Set!!


9. Ronan The Accuser

10. Voldemort Having Fun!!

11. Darth Maul

12. Thanos Without CGI

13. Loki

14. Bellatrix With Harry Potter!

15. Pennywise

16. Bane And Batman

17. So Cool!!

18. Father-daughter Bonding!!

19. Agent Smith

20. Directing On The Set!!

21. Darth Vader

22. Queen of Hearts

23. Hannibal Lecter

24. ‘It’Pennywise!!

25. Freddy Krueger

Pooja Singh

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