10 Details That Prove Batman Has The Best Superhero Movies

Batman Has Best Superhero Movies:

Ask anyone who their favorite superhero is and eight out of ten people will say, Batman. He is one of the oldest heroes from comic books who held his popular position intact. Even non-superhero fans recognize him and are mesmerized by his sass. Many brilliant directors have made movies about Batman starring A-list actors. That’s why to have some of the best iterations of the Caped Crusader, unlike other heroes who are still struggling to leave an impression where they stand. Batman aka Bruce Wayne wasn’t born with superhuman powers but he underwent rigorous combat training that makes him more intimidating than heroes with powers. He is sharp, observant, fearless, and proficient in fighting. Pick up any movie on the Dark Knight and you will enjoy the suspense and the dark and realistic approach in his world. We have listed ten details noticed by the worshippers that prove Batman has the best superhero movies

 1. The Soundtrack In ‘Batman Begins’

Christopher Nolan is a genius who crafted the best Batman movies ever. His realistic and detailed approach gave it a dark and chilling theme filled with intense suspense. Another brilliant idea used by Nolan was to use songs named after various types of bats like Myotis, Eptesicus, and Barbastelle.

 2. News Anchors Change In Appearance

Another mind-blowing technique used by Batman directors that only Sherlocks can catch. The news anchors in Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ used to put on makeup and dress up immaculately for the camera. But the change in their appearance was drastically visible after Joker poisoned the beauty products of Gotham. This indicated that the anchors had stopped wearing the makeup.

 3. Same Paintings Shown In ‘Batman’ And ‘Joker’

In Tim Burton’s Batman of 1989, Jack Nicholson’s Joker had shown interest in a painting. The makers of 2019 Joker built on this detail and made a major throwback by showing the same painting in the room of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

 4. Batman Used Grenade Of Lead

Bruce Wayne’s lack of trust in people keeps him a step ahead of his nemesis and allies like the Justice League members. He always keeps himself prepared with weapons that are deemed as a weakness of the concerned person. Superman has x-ray vision that enables him to see through any matter except lead. Knowing little detail, Batman detonated smoke grenades made of Pb (lead) in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

 5. Throwback at Joker Alias In Batman Begins

Kerr that is, Joe Kerr (also a homophone) was an alias of the Clown Prince of Crime in the DC Comics. Tim Burton’s Batman Returns paid a tribute to this alias at the end of the movie when Jim Gordon sent a Joker card to Batman that was discovered by a cop named J. Kerr.

 6. Catwoman’s Boots Are Stylish And Convenient

Batman Has Best Superhero Movies
Batman Has Best Superhero Movies

Most of the girls would kill to have boots like Catwoman from Batman Returns. Michelle Pfeiffer’s boots had sharp heels that folded during dangerous stunts and fights. Now, that explains how Catwoman could perform stunts in high heels.

 7. When Batman Stepped Out In The Sun

Just like bats, it’s a phenomenon that the Dark Knight only fights crime after sunset. That’s his style! But Bruce Wayne did step out in the daylight as Batman for the first time in The Dark Knight Rises to put an end to Bane.

 8. ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Recalls Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’

In ‘Batman’ movie, Joker had spiked the products with Smylex poison. Harley Quinn was seen donning a T-shirt that read ‘Smylex’ in ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’. Whoever noticed this must have had an eagle’s vision and an eidetic memory.

 9. Real and Fake Penguins In ‘Batman Returns’

Batman Has Best Superhero Movies
Batman Has Best Superhero Movies

‘Batman Returns’ had brought Catwoman and Penguin on the big screen with Michael Keaton’s Batman. Penguin was one of Batman’s enemies who took the spotlight as the supervillain in this film. One of the scenes had used a flock of real and mechanical penguins. There was an army of mechanical penguin puppets as well as people in penguin suits to do the walking. They looked and felt so real that the real penguins ended up getting cozy with them.

 10. Nod To The Watchmen In Batman V Superman

Did you notice the Watchmen Easter egg in DCEU? You had to be vigilant to notice this tiny detail during the superheroes’ fight. There was graffiti on a wall in Batman V Superman that read “Quis custodiet ipsos custodies” in Latin which translated to “Who watches the Watchmen?”.

Don’t these throwbacks and subtle details make you go “Woah!!”? Let us know if we missed any more such hints.

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