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  • MoviesBatman Has Best Superhero Movies

    10 Details That Prove Batman Has The Best Superhero Movies

    Batman Has Best Superhero Movies: Ask anyone who their favorite superhero is and eight out of ten people will say, Batman. He is one of the oldest heroes from comic books who held his popular position intact. Even non-superhero fans recognize him and are mesmerized by his sass. Many brilliant directors have made movies about Batman starring A-list actors. That’s…

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  • MoviesBest Superhero Movie Moments in 2018

    10 Best Superhero Movie Moments of 2018

    Best Superhero Movie Moments of 2018 –  2018 was the biggest year for Superhero films. Even though it brought out only 1 live-action film from Fox Marvel, Sony-Marvel & DC, it still made up for the rest with 3 big MCU films and 2 amazing 3D Animated films. So, 8 Superhero films in total, and now we get to choose…

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