12 Times Thor Was Hilarious In The MCU Even Before Ragnarok

Thor Hilarious in The MCU:

Thor: Ragnarok had completely changed the dynamics of the Thor universe. After the first two bland installments, Thor returned in the third part with a big bang. It turned out to be one of the best and most hilarious movies in the MCU. Not just fans even the MCU actors find Thor: Ragnarok their favorite. The whole film was full of surprises, one-liners, and impromptu funny moments. But it wasn’t Thor whose humor got an upgrade in Ragnarok. The Son of Odin was always innocently hilarious in the earlier phases of the MCU. The third movie may have highlighted his comedy chops but if you revisit Thor 1 & 2 and Avengers movies, you’ll be knocked off by his random one-liners. His timings are perfect and jokes are pretty adorable and funny. His unawareness about Earth and humans is the primary source of his jokes. Let us recall the times when Thor was hilarious in the MCU even before Ragnarok.

 1. Thor Has The Best Explanation

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Loki

There should be a whole other list for Thor and Loki’s brotherly adventures and funny moments. When the famous duo was riding the Harrow spaceship, Loki and Thor got into an argument as usual. Loki was instructing Thor on what to do and later adds that he was a better pilot than Thor was. But the 1000-year-old Thor has an epic comeback and says “Which one can actually fly?” Now, why don’t you keep your phone aside and clap?

 2. Cute Humans, Eh?

The Avengers team was bewildered at how only Thor could lift the hammer and no other strong and muscular person or Iron Man armor could lift it. Its explanation went over their heads and Tony deduced with science that the Mjolnir operated on Thor’s fingerprints. After all the brain-storming and theories, Thor simply dropped a single line saying “I have a simple one: You are not worthy”. PERIOD.

 3. They Are Going To Charge You For That, Sir

Thor Hilarious in The MCU
Thor Hilarious in The MCU

In the first Thor movie, the son of Odin was banished from Asgard for his excessive pumped up pride. Thor landed on earth and was oblivious to their lifestyle and norms. Jane Foster and her team took him to a diner where he devoured on food and beer. Thor liked the beer so much that he smashed the mug to ask for more.

 4. Loki, Who?

This moment lies in the top 5 of Thor’s jokes. In The Avengers when Bruce Banner, Captain America, and Black Widow were discussing about Loki, Thor stepped in like a loyal brother and tried to state in an authoritative God-like voice that Loki was a God and his brother. But when Black Widow cut him off and said that his “brother” killed 80 people in 2 days, Thor immediately switched sides and said, “ He”s Adopted ”.

 5. Thor Being The Ideal Friend To Bruce Banner

Thor Hilarious in The MCU
Thor Hilarious in The MCU

When your friend is embarrassed and can’t remember what he/she did on a drunk night, you are supposed to make them feel better. But Thor is an amateur at earth rules and put his foot in mouth when Natasha was helping Bruce to recover from his Hulk guilt.  Even though Thor was trying to rectify his words, he only made it worse innocently. Meanwhile, Captain America was pretending to watch the stars.

 6. The God of Thunder On A Dog

It was hilarious to watch Thor storm into a cute little pet store demanding a horse with full power in his voice. The shop owner’s reaction was worth-watching who was perplexed at finding this man demanding horses in a city pet store with so much confidence. And when he says that he keeps only ‘petty’ dogs, cats and birds, Thor asks for the largest one to ride on.

 7. Thor Needs To Watch Nat Geo

Thor Hilarious in The MCU
Thor Hilarious in The MCU

Most of us are always lost in translation when speaking to Thor. Just like he couldn’t understand our pets, we couldn’t understand what Bilgesnipes were. But we’d love him to describe what the creatures are.

 8. Distracting Ultron

Daenerys Targaryen must learn from Thor. In the Age of Ultron, while most of us assumed that Thor was repeating his usual God status to intimidate Ultron with “I am Thor, son of Odin….”, he immediately surprised us by revealing that he was only trying to distract him. Turns out even the God of Thunder’s resume fell shorter than Daenerys since he was “running out of things to say!”

 9. Call Me Maybe?

Thor Hilarious in The MCU

At the end of The Avengers when the fight was won and it was time for Thor to return to Asgard, Cap and Tony were still hung on Mjolnir and its worthiness. As Steve Rogers comes up with another messed up fact that an elevator would still up if you kept the Mjolnir on it, Thor looks at his ‘petty’ human friends with merciful eyes and says “I’m gonna miss these little talks of ours”.

 10. Thor’s Savage Comments

In Thor: The Dark World, the war with the Dark Elves was going berserk when Thor made a grand entrance as usual and knocks off everyone by simply slamming his hammer on the ground. Watching this, Lady Sif declared confidently that she got it all under control. Unable to control his snide comments, Thor replied “Is that why everything’s on fire?”

 11. Thor Being Confident Around Wanda

Thor Hilarious in The MCU

Not even God of Thunder could resist Wanda’s magic. Thor was confident that Wanda couldn’t mind-control him and was giving heads up to the Avengers since they were ‘petty humans’. But right after he was done with his warning/gloating and turned away, Thor realized that he too was affected by Wanda.

 12. When Thor Met Metal Man

Before we were wiping our tears of laughter from Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy’s first meet in Avengers: Infinity War, we are laughing at Thor and Iron Man’s introduction. They were both taking a dig at each other’s clothes with Tony asking Thor “Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?” and Thor replying with “This is beyond you metal man”.

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