10 Best Thieves of The MCU Ranked From Worst to Best

Thieves of MCU Ranked:

The MCU is full of unique characters who all carry their separate skill sets. But there’s one thing that is common amongst many characters throughout the MCU, and that is their ability to steal. While some characters were into stealing things right from the beginning, others were able to show their talents Endgame’s time heist. So, here are the 10 best thieves in MCU.

 10. Groot

This has to be the cutest thief of the MCU. Baby Groot stole someone’s underwear, an eye, a cut off the toe, and a desk without anyone noticing. He just didn’t get the Fin, which is what Yondu actually needed. Even though he got caught, but still he led to Kraglin getting the fin. So it does ultimately count.

 9. Vulture

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Okay, Vulture was really great at stealing before Spider-Man came on his radar. Because he couldn’t really handle Spidey & do his job at the same time, we’ve put him on No. 9.

 8. Heimdall

Heimdall stole the Bifrost Sword Hofund, and he managed to hide it from Hela for a long time. Someone who could see everything and everyone at all times would certainly prove to be a great thief. And that’s what Heimdall did.

 7. Tony Stark

Tony botched the first heist as he was hit in the head with a Hulk. But then he managed to steal the Tesseract from a secured S.H.I.E.L.D. vault quite well. Even after seeing his father, he stayed calm enough to pull off the heist.

 6. Scott Lang

For a professional thief, Scott sure does get caught a lot. That is why he gets the number 6 spot. But then again, he is talented. He stole the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym’s house. Then in Endgame, he actually came up with the time heist idea. His ability to shrink does help with the thievery. It totally helped him to fight Falcon and steal an important component from the Avengers compound.

 5. Rocket

Rocket managed to steal the “Harbulary” batteries from the Sovereign planet with ease. He then extracted the Aether from Jane all alone. But since he was almost caught for his thievery, he’s #5.

 4. Ulysses Klaue

Klaue stole a bunch of Vibranium from Wakanda & didn’t get caught for almost 30 years. Not a lot of people steal from Wakanda and live to tell the tale. Then in the first act of Black Panther, he pulled off another amazing Vibranium heist. He was surely an amazing thief & an even better character. It’s sad that we can’t see more of him.

 3. Star Lord

Peter Quill was brought up as a thief. Throughout his life, he would’ve stolen many things due to his stature. Apparently, he didn’t get caught a whole lot either. He stole the Orb effectively. So, we are putting him on #3.

 2. Captain America

Captain America excels at everything. He has the brains & the brawn. He is worthy of Thor’s hammer. And on top of that, he’s a great thief! He stole the Scepter from Hydra’s hands. Then he fought his younger self and won. In the 70s, he took the Pym Particles very smartly. So, really deserves to be the number one thief. But we’ve placed him on Number 2 because if it were about a stealing contest, then he couldn’t match Doctor Strange.

 1. Doctor Strange

Thieves of MCU Ranked
Thieves of MCU Ranked

Doctor Strange can surely be the best thief with his magic. He didn’t really do a whole lot of stealing, but he did enough to prove that he can never really be caught stealing. We saw him steal books from the library without Wong knowing. He refilled Thor’s beer (which was obviously reallocated from somewhere else). If he were a part of the time heist, then stealing the Infinity Stones would’ve been really easy.

We’ve not added Rhodey & Nebula to this list as they didn’t really face any difficulties while stealing the Orb. On top of that, Nebula was unlucky enough to get caught. She led Thanos from 2014 to 2023.

Do you agree with our ranking of the top 10 MCU thieves? Tell us what you think.

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