10 Superhero Villains That Were Ruined In Movies

Sometimes a poor production idea, CGI, or simply a bad actor can ruin the entire essence of the movie. The same can be said for the cases where significant villains from Marvel or DC movies were destroyed in the movies. Villains and anti-heroes like Deadpool or Venom are some of the most prominent characters of the superhero comic world, but to fans’ disappointment, they were turned into a joke in the movie. Find out 10 such superhero villains that were ruined in movies. Which one according to you is the worst superhero villain performance in a superhero movie?


Again, long before Tom Hardy nailed the Venom symbiote in 2018 standalone, the villain from Spider-Man universe had appeared in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. Eddie Brock was played by Topher Grace. To say that Grace simply wasn’t made to play Venom would be a sugar-coated opinion. Even though Grace had put efforts, the entire portrayal of the villain was a far cry from being satisfying. Even Topher himself admitted how awesome Tom Hardy was.

Lex Luthor

Superhero Villains Ruined In Movies

Lex is one of the smartest villains in DC whose brilliant mind is a threat to Superman. If you have watched Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor in Supergirl, you’d understand how intimidating his presence his only because of his mind. No matter how powerful the superheroes are, Lex is always five steps ahead. But Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice seemed like a joke on the mastermind villain.


Apocalypse is considered as the most formidable and the greatest villain that ever crossed the X-Men’s path. But this villain’s portrayal in the movie fell completely flat. It was a great chance for Fox to tap on this big bad but sadly they ended up underusing him.


Superhero Villains Ruined In Movies

Before you jump into conclusion, we aren’t talking about the awesome Ryan Reynolds starring movie. In fact, it was he who saved the X-Men universe and revived Deadpool’s popularity. But long before Ryan Reynolds got his standalone as the Merc with a Mouth, the X-Men franchise was busy damaging Deadpool’s image in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where he played a villain whom Wolverine had to fight. It was the worst ever projection of our favorite anti-hero where he didn’t have a costume or any dialogue but a stitched mouth.

Doctor Doom

Fans have waited a long time to watch the greatest villain of Marvel on the silver screen. They deserve the best version of the dark and cold Doctor Doom whose very appearance can give us chills through the screens. He is the biggest threat to the Marvel Universe but he hasn’t yet received the portrayal that he deserves. Bringing Doctor Doom in 2015 Fantastic Four and killing him in an hour was unjust to the character.


Superhero Villains Ruined In Movies

Needless to say, but you know very well which Joker we are referring too. The great Heath Ledger gave us the best Joker in The Dark Knight that no one could imagine. He left big shoes to fill which definitely couldn’t fit Jared Leto. The benchmark was set so high by the previous actors even Leto’s method acting (or over-acting) couldn’t meet. Leto is undoubtedly a fine actor but playing Joker wasn’t his cup of tea.


It was not only fans who were disappointed with Juggernaut’s depiction in X-Men: The Last Stand but even Vinnie Jones who portrayed the character shared the same feelings. He was given neither a storyline nor dialogues, leaving the character completely bland.


Superhero Villains Ruined In Movies

We don’t have anything against Jamie Foxx especially after his amazing and ‘cool’ performance in Django Unchained, but his villainous role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a big disappointment. It wasn’t Foxx but the writers who were to be blamed for not exploring the villain and his mind. The movie had established a lack of attention as the cause of Max Dillon’s downfall into Electro. Seriously??

Madame Viper

Madam Viper was the most bizarre villain in The Wolverine. The very idea of the villain made no sense and it was further ruined by the writers. From her creepy poisonous kisses to her final shedding of skin and hair, the movie was successful in making the audience feel freaked out and a bit grossed.

Hector Hammond

Superhero Villains Ruined In Movies

It wasn’t just Peter Sarsgaard’s Hector but the entire Green Lantern movie that gave us two hours of ordeal. Hector is one of the smartest villains in DC with an enhanced brain. But merely watching Peter’s Hector was painful and tormenting.

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