10 Funniest Pranks Ryan Reynolds Has Ever Played

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks: 

Ryan Reynolds has lately been in the spotlight after the global success of Deadpool. But the actor is not only admired by followed by Marvel fans but has also wooed the non-Marvel fans. That’s simply because of his handsome appearance and sense of humor. He is a truckload of entertainment for his wit and practical jokes. A mere look at his social media handles, videos, and interviews will reveal a sense of humor. It is true that Ryan is the perfect man to play Deadpool for the wicked personalities they share. None of his close ones, including his wife Blake Lively and Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman, has been spared by his pranks. Even though the list of his funniest moments and practical jokes cannot cease, we have attempted to list the 10 funniest and the best pranks ever played by Ryan Reynolds on everyone. From Ryan Reynold’s funny tweets to funny moments, interviews, quotes, and videos, we have it all.

Coffee Shop Job Interview

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

We all know about Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ bromance where they keep pulling pranks on each other. The actors have known each other since their Marvel days as Wolverine and Deadpool. The internet is filled with funny videos where they don’t run out of ways to play a joke on the other.

Coming to that, once Hugh Jackman had posted a job vacancy ad for his non-profit Laughing Man Coffee. One of the early responders of the listing was Ryan Reynolds and literally went there and applied for the post of a barista.

When His Email ID Got Leaked

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

Blake and Hugh aren’t his only targets for practical jokes. Ryan played an awesome on his fans too when he revealed his email if on Tonight Show and made it look accidental. Some “smart” fans grabbed the email id and bombarded it with mails. But the prankster was always a few steps ahead of them. Fans’ mails got reverted with a funny schedule of Ryan.

It had his to-do-list which included his gym timings, followed by his Skype call with his secret family in Denmark, learning the difference between revenue and profit before the Aviation Board meeting, and the bizarre planner goes on.

Played “Let’s Get It On” When Blake Was Into Labor

Never ever miss any interview of Blake Lively who is equally as funny as her husband Ryan. She once recalled an episode from her first child’s delivery. When Blake went into labor, Ryan played the Marvin Gaye song “Let’s Get It On” in that tense environment.

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

The doctors were the only ones who were laughing, leaving Blake apprehensive of dropping the baby. She obviously wasn’t in her most cheerful mood and hauled “Are you f@cking kidding me right now?”

The Face Swap

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were one of the most ideal couples of the late ‘90s. Their most famous moments was grabbed by paparazzi when they wore matching denim outfits. No doubt it was hilarious and broke the headlines.

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

Bored Ryan Photoshopped his and blake’s face on a popular denim picture and share it on his social media handle. He added that they even used a c*ndom denim that night.

Most Romantic Birthday Wish

Ryan and Blake give us a couple of goals with their non-mushy Instagram and Twitter posts about each other. Out of all the notorious tweets of Ryan, the most hilarious one was his “romantic” birthday post for his wife. He posted a picture of the couple but cropped Blake out of it. So, the caption on a handsome image of Ryan read, “Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.”

Blake is not a new player in this game and she got her sweet vengeance on Ryan’s birthday. She posted a picture of Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling only to crop out her husband out of it and wrote “Happy Birthday, the baby.”

His Detective Pikachu Preparation

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

Hands down! The best movie promotions are pulled by Ryan Reynolds who crafts a whole new story behind his movie. He is still investigating the mysterious case of the Deadpool video leak that compelled the studios to release the movie at last. Ryan has even gone as far as pinning the evidence and suspects’ pictures on a corkboard.

Coming to his promotions for Pokemon, the actor held a mock interview where he shared how he prepared himself for the role. To understand the Pokemon better, he said that he immersed himself into their world, starting from losing 182 pounds. The interview also included Blake to second his claim by sharing how Ryan had also abandoned their daughters.

The Delicious Glue Cake

Ryan isn’t afraid of admitting his poor cooking skills. He even said that his cooking would cause a fire in their house one day and that the fireman would provide Blake with a better life. But he once managed to bake a delicious cake and shared it on Instagram. The caption was hilarious which read that he added glue as the icing.

Political Campaign Against Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

Ryan enjoys ruining promotions not only for his movies but also for Blake Lively and Hugh Jackman. When Hugh’s movie The Front Runner had hit the theatres, Ryan shared a fake political advertisement. In the ad, he persuaded the voters to refrain from nominating Jack for any movies.

Working On a Michael Bay Film

During the making of 6 Underground, Ryan went on social media to mock the loud action in Michael Bay movies, from Transformers and Bad Boys. He shared a video of him speaking from the set where he talked about the “stillness and quiet moments”. The video soon turned his voice inaudible as the background action had taken over. Sarcasm on fleek!

Deadpool Will Be PG 13

Ryan Reynolds Funniest Pranks

MCU has been stringent about making its superhero movies PG-13 since day one. Deadpool on the other hand was infamous for being the only Marvel movie that was miles away from PG-13. But Ryan and Mario Lopez played a prank on the audience on April Fool’s Day by sharing a clip of Deadpool joking that the sequel would be rated PG-13.

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