This Suicide Squad Member FINALLY Gets Its Own Movie

Margot Robbie was the breakout star of this summer big hit Suicide Squad. Her portrayal of Harley Quinn, the insane lover and sidekick of Batman’s arch nemesis left a positive impression with both fans and critics. The film received a lot of criticism but Margot Robbie was always praised for her acting chops. Now that the movie has reached the $700 million benchmark, talks of a Suicide Squad sequel are beginning to rise up again, and the rumors for the potential Harley Quinn spin-off seem to finally take root.

Margot Robbie

According to The Hollywood reporter, the actress inked a first-look deal for a Harley Quinn movie which she will also executive produce and another project:

“The actress already has two projects set at Warners: a Suicide Squad spinoff for her character Harley Quinn (as well as other DC heroines) that she will executive produce and an adaptation of Dean N. Jensen’s Queen of the Air to which she is attached to star.”

Although the premise for the spin-off has not yet been confirmed, there were already speculations that the movie would focus on the relationship between Harley Quinn and The Joker but now, rumors point to another storyline based on DC’s Birds Of Prey comic series. Whatever the story may be, it will hopefully be one based on her comic book series or amalgamation of various stories.

Margot Robbie

Robbie has a history with Warner Bros.and built up a successful relationship with the studio. Focus in which she starred with Will Smith  and The Legend of Tarzan with Alexander Skarsgård were both Warner movies along with Suicide Squad. The actress along with her production company LuckyChap Entertainment now seem to be continuing on with the relationship.

Margot Robbie harley quinn

Warner Bros. has refocused of female-driven storytelling and this new deal with Robbie seems to be a continuation of this.Wonder Woman which is also produced by Warners also has a female director Patty Jenkins- of Monster fame- helming the movie. A first for a superhero movie.

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