10 Most Likable Disney Sidekicks You Don’t Want to Miss

Likable Disney Sidekicks:

They may not be the big stars of their movies but they do become the scene stealers from time to time. They play the comedic relief in their respective movies and make then more magical with their contribution. Disney sidekicks are loyal and helpful and make the movies more enjoyable and interesting. We all love them for their adorable presence in these movies and so here is a list of some of the most likable and our favorite Disney sidekicks of all time.

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 10. Tinker Bell

She is sassy and cute and is definitely someone who can help a person in need. Tinker Bell is a great side character in Peter Pan and even got her own multiple movies as she quickly became a fan favorite for viewers. One thing that we dislike her for is that she gets jealous of Wendy and doesn’t treat her nicely all the time.

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 9. Abu

If you’re looking for a best friend who supports you in everything (even stealing) then Abu is your guy. This cute monkey is always by Aladdin’s side and helps him out in many situations such as stealing the magic lamp. He is a street smart monkey who is funny and helpful to his friends and is a great sidekick.

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 8. Flounder

Likable Disney Sidekicks
Likable Disney Sidekicks

He is small and nervous but always sticks by Ariel even if he is extremely scared. Flounder the yellow fish is loyal to our favorite mermaid and is a great friend who doesn’t leave her in tough times. However, he can be easily persuaded and doesn’t try to guide Ariel at times as he is too gullible.

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 7. Pascal

Pascal may be a small chameleon who doesn’t speak but he is an amazing friend and sidekick. He helped Rapunzel see that she needed to escape. Secondly, he is always rooting for her and assisting her, which is pretty impressive. He also is a great judge of character, since he was not a fan of Mother Gothel and was slow to warm up to Flynn Rider.

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 6. Lumiere

Likable Disney Sidekicks
Likable Disney Sidekicks

He is the classy French butler who will make any guest feel welcome. Lumiere is passionate and dedicated about his role and does a great job of making Belle feel comfortable in the palace. He is the candlestick that lights up the entire place with his charm and beauty and is definitely a great side character.

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 5. Jiminy Cricket

He is the sidekick with all the wisdom and wit. Jiminy Cricket is Pinocchio’s conscience and someone who really tries to guide Pinnochio in the right direction throughout the film. While the young puppet doesn’t always make the right decisions, Jiminy always sticks by his side and remains loyal.

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4. Mushu

Likable Disney Sidekicks
Likable Disney Sidekicks

The little dragon plays a great mentor to Mulan in the film and is by far the funniest sidekick. He provides solid advice for the most part, and his energy and excitement certainly makes him very likable from an audience perspective. We would love to have someone like him by our side to guide and entertain us from time to time.

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 3. Genie

In this case, the sidekick might be more interesting and fun than the main character itself. Genie is the friend we all wish we had and it is not just because of the three wishes he offers but also the amazing sense of humor and support he provides Aladdin. Throughout the film, he proves to be a great support to Aladdin and Jasmine and saves the day more than once.

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 2. Timon and Pumba

Hakuna Matata! They are the funniest and most care-free side characters and we can’t think of one without the other. Timon and Pumba saved Simba and then made him their family. It won’t be wrong to say that they practically raised him and taught him how to live life freely. They were more than just Sidekicks to Simba and had their own huge personalities which is why they even got their own show.

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1. Olaf

Likable Disney Sidekicks
Likable Disney Sidekicks

This is a no brainer that Olaf is the best Disney sidekick of all time as he is smart, funny, sensitive, and is always ready with a great one-liner. He would go to a great extent to help his friends even if that means he could melt himself. Olaf is empathetic and a quick learner and simply steals every scene he is in. Elsa and Anna are lucky to have this awesome snowman by their side.

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