Awful Things Batman And Superman Did to Each Other

Batman And Superman to Each Other:

From being super enemies to super friends, DC superhero, Batman and Superman have had a bittersweet relationship for ages. Batman and Superman are 2 of the most popular superheroes of all time. They are famous even amongst the non-comic book fans. Even though they are opposites, they live for the same goal and are a big deal in their ways. They both aim to protect their cities by bringing down the bad guys. But Superman’s extraordinary powers that make him nearly invincible and Batman’s dark and ruthless style have put them at loggerheads. DCEU’s Batman vs Superman at the hands of Zack Snyder was one of the most awaited movies for comic book fans. It was the first time that 2 such big superheroes were battling against each other. Unfortunately, the movie became an epic disaster and disappointment. However, the idea of putting superheroes against each other was cherry and we can’t forget how they went beyond their limits to destroy the other.

 1. Batman Doubted Superman

Superman is so far the strongest superhero who possesses the combined and additional powers of all other superheroes. There was nothing that Superman couldn’t do. Superhuman strength, flight, speed, superhuman breath, laser beam eyes, etc., make him invincible. Batman’s apprehension about such a powerful alien was understandable. He didn’t know Superman personally and feared that so much power in a single person’s hands could be fatal. But holding prejudices against someone solely based on your fears and assumptions was not right on Batman’s part. He was convinced that Superman had an evil interest at heart and resorted to kryptonite, Superman’s biggest and most lethal weakness. You can’t go on to kill someone only based on your assumptions.

 2. Superman Spied On Batman

Hell-bent to bring down Batman, Clark Kent adapts to following Alfred and Bruce Wayne to expose Batman’s true identity. It was an unfair play as Clark himself knows the importance of concealing the identity when you are a superhero. Batman may have been against Superman and his ideals, but he never hurt any innocent man. Superman aka Clark had no right to go out of his boundaries and stalk Bruce Wayne. Luckily, Clark got distracted when news of Superman showed up on television.

 3. Batman Ignored Superman’s Warnings

It was surprising that a smart and self-made hero like Batman bought what the media and PR sold just like the herd of common people. He always despised Superman for being born with superpowers but the hatred was blazed further by Lex Luthor’s manipulations. Despite Superman’s constant warnings about the real enemy Lex, Batman refused to believe him.

 4. Superman Tried To Defame Batman

Superman has an easier way of tackling his enemies, unlike Batman. The former condemned the latter’s methods to deal with crime and decided to write an article on him. He resorted to defaming Batman only because he disapproved of his methods. Clark was aggravated by Batman’s rising violent and merciless methods. He wrote an article on Batman portraying him as the real villain and criminal.

 5. Batman Alleged Supes for Lex’ Bombing

Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor had devised a diabolical plan to set off a bomb and then frame Superman for it. Unfortunately, his plan was a success and Superman was the only survivor at the United States Capital blast. Despite being a genius, Batman joined the bandwagon and accused Superman of it.

 6. Superman Destroyed Batmobile

The despising between the heroes had soon escalated to an ugly spot. Superman has always been sensitive about kryptonite as it can be lethal for him. On learning about Batman’s plan to acquire Kryptonite, Superman lost his patience and hunted Batman until the end of the world. When Batman was on his way to meet the dealers, he found Superman standing in his way. The furious Superman threw the Batmobile against the wall, ripped off the door, and destroyed the car down to an irrecoverable state.

 7. Batman Attacked Superman

WB DC Extended Universe

Batman and Superman’s fight had brought an unprecedented side of the two superheroes. They were hell-bent on bestowing the worst upon each other. Batman despised the Kryptonian so much that he threatened him with the famous line “ Do You Bleed?” and ripped a cut through Super’s cheek with a sharp piece of Kryptonite. It was one of the rarest moments when Superman was vulnerable and bled.

 8. Evil Superman Vs Justice League

Retrieving Superman from dead in Justice League was equivalent to walking straight towards a hungry lion. His mind was rushing with uncontrollable and unstable feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, and confusion. Being dead for a while compromised a great deal of Superman’s sanity and he was piled up with unprocessed emotions. He was killed mid-fight and woken up by a group of strangers, not to mention the differently dressed Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, along with his killer Batman on their side. Furious and defensive, the evil superman pounded on Batman and tried to strangle him

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