10 Hollywood Movie Sequels That Were Made Due To Fan Pressure

Some movies are made with a dream of a franchise or sequel only to get crushed due to box office failures. But the films that we’ll be talking about today were so successful that the producers were compelled to make a sequel. Their plots were so engaging that fans couldn’t wait to have more. Favorable box office earnings and popularity amongst fans encouraged them to return with another installment. Find out the Hollywood movies that made a sequel due to fan pressure.

 1. A Quiet Place

The novelty of A Quiet Place had blown everyone’s mind away. No one knew that actor John Krasinski had such a brilliant directorial brain. Even though it was a silent horror film, our hearts didn’t stop racing even for a moment. It became one of the most discussed movies which encouraged John to make its sequel.

 2. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Avengers: Endgame Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

James Gunn is a talented mind who brought Guardians of the Galaxy to Marvel spotlight with his comedy. After the consistent success of the 1st two installments, Gunn was fired by the studio due to his controversial Tweets from the past. It stirred a huge backlash from fans as well as from the GOTG stars led by Dave Bautista. In one of the rarest events, MCU called back the fired director and offered him the chair for Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

 3. The Incredibles

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Pixar and Brad Bird made The Incredibles as a one-time movie and had no plans for a sequel. They had aimed for-profit and applause but didn’t expect to get such a huge positive response from critics and fans across the world. They were caught in surprise when fans were pouring questions about its sequel but relented at last. To fans’ euphoria, The Incredibles returned on the silver screen with a bang after 14 years.

 4. The Matrix

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The Matrix had taken the film industry by storm with its state-of-the-art technology used in the movie. Its worldwide success encouraged the producers to make sequels that failed to score well. But it didn’t stop loyal fans from asking for the fourth part to get more clarity on the third installment’s ending. Their wish will be coming true as Keanu Reeves will be returning to The Matrix 4 in 2022.

 5. Ant-Man

Ant-Man wasn’t as popular as other Marvel heroes like Iron Man and Captain America until recently. This lack of popularity reflected on the initial box office results of Ant-Man which was satisfying but nothing compared to MCU standards. However, Peyton Reed and Paul Rudd’s comedy made the character a fan-favorite. MCU had decided to chop off the 3rd installment and didn’t make any announcement on it at D23. But fan petitions and outpour of questions pushed MCU to bring the witty and clumsy superhero back to the big screen.

 6. Spider-Man

Sony and MCU intense custody battle over Spider-Man had cast dark clouds over the superhero’s future movies. None of the parties were willing to concede in terms of profit sharing and authority over the character. Sony had at last parted ways from MCU by nixing all the future Spider-Man movies under the latter’s umbrella. But fan pressure of boycotting Sony had forced the studios to make a new deal with the MCU. Now Tom Holland is signed for one more standalone, i.e., the third installment, and two Avengers movies.

 7. Blade Runner

Hollywood Movie Sequels
Hollywood Movie Sequels

Fans waiting for their favorite movie sequel shouldn’t lose hopes as Blade Runner had returned after 25 years. The sci-fi action wooed its fans in the ‘80s so much that they welcomed Blade Runner 2049 in 2017 with open arms. The sequel wouldn’t have seen the light had it not been for the outpour of fan demand.

 8. Alex Rider

Hollywood Movie Sequels
Hollywood Movie Sequels

Alex Rider didn’t meet impressive box office results due to its niche audience. But the limited base of fans that it had, belonged to the readers of its novels. The loyalty of fans and the success of the novel prompted Amazon Prime to reboot the famous character and introduce its own series.

 9. Anchorman

Hollywood Movie Sequels
Hollywood Movie Sequels

The comedy Anchorman wasn’t made with an idea of a franchise. It was just a one-time light-hearted film that surprisingly became pretty popular with memes and gifs on social media. Excessive fan engagement with the movie and its character gave the producers confidence to make the 2nd part. Even though the movie was released almost after 10 years, it didn’t lose its influence and reach.

 10. Percy Jackson

The adventures of Percy Jackson novels were a huge success but the same fate wasn’t met by the movies. Fox Studios banked on loyal fans that encouraged them to make the 2nd installment but it was met with an equal disappointment. Now that Disney has acquired Fox, fan support could revive the franchise.

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