10 Celebrities Who Will Not Leave Wealth For Their Children

Celebrities Not Leave Wealth For Their Children:

Despite possessing a fortune that can feed 2 generations, these celebrities have decided not to pass on these luxuries to their kids. No doubt that all this money didn’t come out of thin air, instead it demanded years of hard work and dedication from these elite stars. Similarly, they want their kids to stand on their feet and lead their lives independently. Find out who they are.

 1. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has earned millions of dollars over the years as an action star. But the famous actor has decided to donate all his wealth to charity. Jackie’s son Jaycee has been involved in numerous troubles. The actor refused to help his son and condemned him when he was arrested over drug charges. And as far as his daughter, Etta Ng is concerned; she is no longer a part of his life.

 2. Mark Zuckerberg

Yes, this business mogul also has doubts about leaving his fortune to his own kid. The growth and success of Facebook to this date has made him worth $68.2 Billion. But the billionaire wrote an open letter to his kids that he’d donate 99% of his wealth to the charity. Mark Zuckerberg invested his time, energy, and brains into the success of Facebook, so he’d definitely want his children to be as ambitious as he was.

 3. Simon Cowell

The judge from Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor wants his children to enjoy life and its luxuries but with their own money. He will not leave any money for them to inherit and donate everything to charity. He wants them to learn about the challenges of life and come out of it stronger.

 4. Gordon Ramsay

The infamous chef is strict not only in the kitchen but even at his home with his children. He wants to see the same perseverance both inside and outside his ‘Hell Kitchen’. He strongly believes that money and luxury should be earned and not handed over for free. In spite of his wealth, the celebrity chef doesn’t allow his children to travel in first class.

 5. Elton John

Elton John loves his children dearly and makes sure that they aren’t deprived of any fun. He has provided them with all the joys and luxuries of this world but at the same time, he wishes for them to retain this lifestyle with their own money. He will not leave his wealth for them as he doesn’t want them to depend on his money when they are older.

 6. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Celebrities Wealth For Their Children
Celebrities Wealth For Their Children

Ashton and Mila are successful in their career individually and together they make a power couple. Even though their kids are born with a silver spoon, the couple wants them to comprehend the value of money and work hard to earn it. Ashton himself admitted that his children are blessed with a “privileged life”.

 7. Gene Simmons

Gene believes that leaving financial security with your children will take away their motivation to work hard. Gene himself is a multi-talented man as an actor, author, musician, and producer. According to reports, the rockstar has cleared it to his children that only waking up every day to work will earn them money.

 8. George Lucas

Celebrities Wealth For Their Children
Celebrities Wealth For Their Children

The billionaire director has given all his strength and sweat to make it big and therefore understands the value of money. He wants his children to be as financially independent and strong as he is in the future. George Lucas is averse to their indulging in free money without ever learning its worth. All he has to offer them is his moral support to guide them in achieving their goals.

 9. Sting

The English musician has complete faith in his children’s potentials to make it on their own. He says that they don’t rely on him for money and that he couldn’t be more proud of them for it. That’s why he doesn’t mind splurging all his hard-earned money on himself. Even though the legend has a net worth of $230 Million he once stated, “I told them there won’t be much money left because we are spending it! We have a lot of commitments, and there isn’t much left.” He continued “Obviously, if they were in trouble I would help them, but I’ve never really had to do that. They want to succeed on their own merit.”

 10. Nigella Lawson

Celebrities Wealth For Their Children
Celebrities Wealth For Their Children

Nigella Lawson is a successful chef and a cooking show host who earned a huge fortune that can look after her next generation as well. But she has earned all this money for herself and her children until they grow up. She will not allow her children to depend on her wealth without ever learning how to achieve all that luxury.

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