X-Men Director Bryan Singer Offered Auditions in Exchange for Sex

After The Avengers director Joss Whedon, the spotlight has now been cast on the X-Men director Bryan Singer for reasons that no one would appreciate. Through the Time’s Up and MeToo movements, more people began to expose the people in Hollywood who have been guilty of unprofessional behavior and sexual misconduct. And, Bryan Singer is the latest name who is facing the brunt of it. But, this isn’t the first time as it is a known fact that working with Bryan Singer wasn’t easy for the actors. And now, we’ve got two new reports regarding Singer’s actions during the first two X-Men movies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, many men have agreed that Singer offered them auditions in the first X-Men film in exchange for sex. THR wrote:

“But a number of young men, including some who were minors at the time, have claimed in published interviews that Singer dangled X-Men auditions and roles in exchange for sex.”

Furthermore, he offered his then-boyfriend Adam Robitel a cameo in the X-Men movie. THR wrote that even though this casting wasn’t professional and would certainly be frowned upon today, it was something that used to happen quite regularly back in the 90s.

This isn’t the first time that Bryan Singer has been reported for misconduct. The fact that the title of THR’s article states that the X-Men movie “Created a Monster” speaks volumes. One unruly incident took place on the set of X-Men 2. Apparently, Singer and producer Tom DeSanto got into a fight as DeSanto asked to shut down production because of Singer’s condition. The director had been under the influence of an incapacitating narcotic and wanted to shoot a stunt that wasn’t meant to be shot on that particular day. And to make things worse, he shot the stunt without the stunt coordinator being present on set. With no supervision, the stunt failed and Hugh Jackman was left bleeding on camera.

Bryan Singer Offered Auditions in Exchange for Sex

Once things began to get out of hand and the studio started to side with Singer, Tom DeSanto was asked to leave the set. That’s what united the cast members. Apart from Ian McKellen and Rebecca Romijn, every cast member confronted Singer & threatened to quit the movie entirely if producer DeSanto actually left the set for doing his job. Things got heated and Halle Berry actually told Singer,

“You can kiss my Black ass.” Although, Singer’s representative denied such an incident saying that “nothing like that ever happened.”

In recent times, actors like Olivia Munn and Brandon Routh have spoken up against Singer. Routh confirmed that working with Singer on Superman Returns was indeed “difficult.” Munn talked about Singers unprofessional-ism by recounting how he did not show up on set for 10 days during X-Men: Apocalypse. Not showing up on set and passing on his responsibilities to the cinematographer is what got Singer fired from the Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. Apparently, Singer & Rami Malek had fought several times on set due to the misconduct that Singer had been responsible for.

Bryan Singer Offered Auditions in Exchange for Sex

It’s really sad to see such creative filmmakers using their power to do more bad than good. First, there’s the matter of erratic and unprofessional behavior, then on top of that, there are accusations of sexual abuse. It’s good that people are still coming forward and exposing these personalities in the film industry who take undue advantage of their power. These people need to be held accountable for their actions.

Accountability > Entertainment.

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