Why The New Spider-Man Suit In No Way Home Was Really Necessary To Add

Spider-Man: No Way Home ended with a glance at Peter’s newest and comic-accurate suit. However, many viewers don’t seem to realize just how important this ending was. This new Spider-Man suit is the result of the end of a trilogy and deserves more credit than it gets. Keep up with the post to find out how this suit is more relevant than you think.

Spider-Man: No Way Home marked the end of the first trilogy of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. And dare I say, it was the perfect one. The movie featured the long-awaited live-action Sinister Six and Spider-Verse team-up. And the fans’ reaction to this movie reflects just how much fans wanted these team-ups. And not just that. The ending of the movie had as much drama as the climax showdown. The movie ended with Peter getting to start over, now that the world has forgotten who Peter is, thanks to Doctor Strange’s spell. He has to start anew without his aunt, his friends, and most importantly, his mentor, Tony Stark. This was a dark end for an MCU movie but a rather fitting one.


When Doctor Strange cast the forgetting spell, everyone forgot about his existence. When his aunt died, all that was left of him was his alter-ego, Spider-Man. But with all of his stuff now with the Department of Damage Control, and Stark’s AI not recognizing Peter, Peter had to rebrand himself. He had to design his suit with his vintage web-shooters. The movie ended right after Peter finished sewing his new suit, and swings above the Rockefeller Centre.



For starters, this suit marks the beginning of a new journey that Spider-Man will be embarking on in the upcoming movies. Plus, fans have always blamed Marvel for not giving a comic-accurate Spider-Man in the MCU, but after seeing the new costume, we think they are finally giving fans what they want. And with no friends or mentor figures in his life, MCU’s Peter might finally begin his loner life as Spider-Man.


Ever since his introduction, Peter relies a little too much on Stark tech. Far From Home and No Way Home heavily featured Stark Tech, and much more than Homecoming. So, the succeeding Spider-Man movies will be all about him going retro. And judging by the look the audience gave him every time he used Stark tech, we think it is the right decision from Marvel. After all, Spider-Man has a reputation to maintain.


New Spider-Man Suit

And if you think this was all, check this out. When Spider-Man jumps out the window, we see a sewing machine with some spare blue cloth, that might be the scrap from his suit. Now, if you remember, this sewing machine is quite similar to the one we see at Ned’s Lola’s house. So, there is a high probability that Peter stole it from her. And judging by the rents of an apartment in Manhattan, it would make sense for him to steal a machine rather than buy it.


All the events from FFH and NWH led Peter down this path. So, it will be interesting how the writers decide to take him forward from this point on. Did you realize these things about Peter’s new self-stitched suit? comment in the section below.

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