Sony Should Use Multiverse Villains In Their Eventual Sinister Six Movie

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe has been developing very nicely alongside the MCU. Sony’s decision to focus on developing a universe centered around Marvel characters was questionable but it seems to have paid off. The inclusion of their old villains in the MCU has also raised a very interesting idea. Could these characters return to the SSU now that they are cured? Well, we think that Sony should use multiverse villains in their Sinister Six movie. But there is no Sinister Six movie in development, we hear the fans yell. Well, sure there is.

What is the purpose of the SSU if not to have a big team-up of villains in a mega-crossover of all their movies? The universe’s arc has to be leading somewhere, right? Sony just can’t be making movies for the sake of making them. They might have done that a decade ago. But now, with the advent of the MCU and all the fan expectations that come from them, Sony cannot half-ass their projects. If they want to repeat the success of No Way Home then they must adhere to the Marvel formula. By that metric, they must establish the individual characters properly before going for a team-up.


Sinister Six Movie

Doctor Strange says that the multiverse is a concept about which they know frighteningly little. But I would argue that Sony knows the most about the multiverse itself. The Marvel cinematic multiverse is not as same as the comic multiverse. I mean, it is technically the same but the funny thing about this universe is that Marvel Studios and their associates are using the multiverse as an excuse to reuse their old characters from franchises long gone. Now, this can be a wonderful thing, like we saw with No Way Home.


When old characters return, things get very nostalgic and this attracts a lot of fans. Moreover, the characters carry over a lot of ethos from the previous franchise they were parts of. This means that the nostalgia gets compounded and suddenly the movie has a wider appeal. It is quite the tactic that Marvel is employing. We are sure that Sony won’t want to miss out on the action. So a Sinister Six movie will only make sense with all these multiverse villains. This means that almost everyone we saw in No Way Home will return in the Sinister Six movie.


There is a good chance that Alfred Molina will lead this ragtag band of villains. We are hoping that this Sinister Six project will be different than the comic counterpart of the team. Since all of the villains have been cured by Spider-Man, it is possible that we will capitalize on that character development and get a version of Sinister Six where they act as the Avengers of the SSU. Won’t that be the craziest turn of events ever? The SSU has been building up to a fever pitch slowly but surely. Let There Be Carnage came out and shattered the walls between SSU and the MCU. Now, we hope that Morbius will do something similar and link itself to Multiverse of Madness.


The Future

There is a theory out there that Morbius will form part of Midnight Sons. Part of the theory also discusses that the Multiverse of Madness might be bigger in scope than we expect. If that movie can explain the intricacies of travel between multiverses, it may be possible to form a multiversal team of Sinister Six villains turned heroes. The roster will compose of Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, Sandman, Electro, Venom, and Morbius (since Lizard has turned back into human form ). Maybe Mysterio could even be used instead of Morbius.


Sinister Six movie

It would be interesting to see what transpires between these villains when Spider-Man and Strange are not there to manage them. Sony might be able to achieve an Avengers-level success with this idea if they play their cards right. What do you think about this theory? Can the Sinister Six come together to make use of their powers for good? Or will they team up to destroy Spider-Man once and for all? Will there even be a Spider-Man in the SSU? Let us know what you think down in the comments.

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