Deadpool 2 Test Screening Confirmed To Outscore The Original Movie

Deadpool was a massive success for Fox Studios. The Risky venture was Ryan Reynolds’ greatest wet dream. He always wanted to play the Merc with a mouth. And he did just that with flying colors to add to his resume. Deadpool, an R-Rated production, opened up to massive critical and financial acclaim. Deadpool’s fourth wall breaking antics were the stuff of legends. The success of the first movie gave Fox the much-needed impetus to give the green light for a sequel to the first Deadpool movie. Deadpool 2 will be arriving pretty soon. The news of Director Tim Miller (who also directed the first movie) leaving Deadpool 2 due to creative differences and reshoots of the movie a few weeks prior to its release may have spread the wrong impressions. Deadpool 2 has proved everyone wrong. It turns out the Test Screening Scores for Deadpool 2 has far outrun the test screening cores of the First Deadpool movie.

The Hype Train for Deadpool 2 has been running high and mighty ever since the filming for the sequel began. Wade Wilson will be back to touching himself again in the Big Screens and fans couldn’t get enough of him. But there was some bad news. Reshoots became Deadpool 2’s kryptonite, the very thing the movie’s trailer mocked the DCEU for has become the reason the movie is getting all kinds of bad press. Reshoots confirming more scenes for Zazie Beetz aka Domino and Josh Brolin aka Thanos were added to the theatrical cut. The Test audience though liked the final version of the movie even with the reshot scenes. That much is confirmed.

The Test Screening reports for Deadpool 2 have finally gone the right way. After two previous versions of the movie got a 91 and 97, one version finally managed to score 98 out of 100 within a test audience. Deadpool 2 has been meticulously screened by larger groups of people picked out randomly to make sure the best version of the movie is handed out to the movie theaters. The version that scored 98 succeeds a version that scored 94. Both the versions were screened together and tested against before the team decided to make way for the higher scored cut.

To be honest, though, Test Scores are not the perfect standard to judge a movie and how up it stands on the pedestal. Test Screening audiences are tricky to gauge and create an unbiased opinion out of. That is why it is not always preferred to bank on a movie’s success just because it had a good test screening score. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had a perfect test screening score of 100 out of 100. Marvel boasted about the movie’s full marks all around the internet, even using it as a marketing tool. The movie is widely regarded as one of the weakest additions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and merely a shadow of the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie. That could indeed be the case for Deadpool 2. Fox needs to play it safe and right. Otherwise, another blockbuster franchise will kick the bucket prematurely.

The movie holds all sorts of answers to a plethora of questions. The best-scored version will be the candidate for the theatrical cut. The Deadpool 2 crew will now be working on improving the CGI and editing the scenes to make it more watchable. They have approximately two months or eight weeks to do what it takes to make the movie a blockbuster like its predecessor. Deadpool 2 has all the right ingredients to make it to Deadpool 1’s earnings or perhaps even more. Maybe the sequel will achieve what the original movie couldn’t – surpass the Billion Dollar mark.

deadpool 2

Since Deadpool was made on a rather shoestring budget, Tim Miller had to create indigenous and rather clever ways to mask the lack of a budget with cunning camera effects. The action and the VFX were so awesome people forgot that the movie was made on such a small budget. Tim Miller is out of the Deadpool 2 project. So that means the most creative man of the crew won’t be there to guide it like the way he did before. CGI will be the issue that will take the greatest toll due to Miller’s absence. Cable’s hand and Domino’s abilities will be given the utmost priority now. Can the movie still be a hit without the guy that made Deadpool a cultural phenomenon or will it sink like to the bottom of the Box Office Ocean? Only time will tell.

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