Flash Season 3 Mid-Season Finale: Is SAVITAR Really Invincible?

We had a hugely successful crossover event which recorded the highest ever TRP ratings for CW. It got officially kicked off in Supergirl, came into its full avatar in the Flash, went into sci-fi territory in the Arrow and had an epic finale in Legends of Tomorrow. The extra-terrestrial species Dominators were defeated and retreated while the DC’s mightiest heroes were honored by the President of the USA for saving the Earth from an existential alien threat. The fans have been asking the question on Flash communities across social media platforms – Where is Savitar these days? One person responded: He went on a vacation for a while. Well, we didn’t have to wait for much to see & feel the wrath of arguably one of a terrifying villain ever on Flash TV show.

In DC Comics, he is not just a powerful speedster, he can create special force fields, transfer kinetic energy at will to anything around him and create a geo-kinesis/earth-bending effect. He is also a master of psychological torture. If Zoom took the speed of Barry at a gunpoint, Savitar will instead poison the source of Barry’s speed-force itself. He is able to heal his wounds with super-speed which will give Wolverine run for his money. He commands a massive following and understands speed force better than anyone.

In the mid-season finale/episode 9 titled “The Present”, Flash travelled to Earth-3 to seek help from Jay Garrick (Henry Allen doppelganger & Flash of Earth-3) on how to defeat Savitar, but first, he helped him take down Trickster who was about blow himself up. We finally know the identity of Alchemy and it’s not Julian Albert (played by Tom Felton), instead it’s his alter-ego or dual identity as he found the philosopher’s stone in his expedition to India. It was also revealed that Savitar is trapped for eternity by the future Flash (in comics it’s Wally west), and he can manifest only if the box carrying Brahmastra gets opened. He needs a medium to even appear, he neither has the genius of Reverse Flash nor has the resolve of Zoom.

flash season 3 savitar

What do you think? Does this look like he is invincible? Not even close.

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