Game of Thrones Season 6: Did they Really Confirm R+L=J?

The latest episode titled ‘Oathbreaker’ was the most awaited episode for a long time, as it was supposed to make a startling revelation about Jon Snow’s parents. There is a famous fan theory called as R+L = J which basically mean that Jon Snow is not Lord Eddard Stark’s son, instead he is an offspring of Lyanna Stark (Ned Stark’s sister) and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen (Mad King’s son). In the entire season 1, Lord Eddard Stark has pretended to his wife Catelyn that Jon Snow is his bastard son which he had during his military adventures. He was actually hiding Jon’s true identity for a reason (no one knows that yet).
Finally, we saw a Tower of Joy flashback from the eyes of Bran Stark who witnessed how Arthur Dayne (Member of Mad King’s Kingsguard, The Sword of the Morning) single-handedly took down the forces of Lord Stark and prevented them from entering Tower of Joy where Lyanna Stark was possibly kept by Prince Rhaegar. We were made to believe that Ned Stark defeated Arthur Dayne in a fair fight, but it was Howland Reed who slit his throat from the back before Ned Stark finished him off.
As Bran tried to go inside the Tower of Joy to discover the truth, he was interrupted by three eyed raven and he woke up under a tree. Hence, we could’nt see if Jon Snow is indeed Lyanna Stark’s son, and why did she force Ned Stark to protect this secret? There are plenty of hints which could lead one to the logical conclusion that the theory R+L=J is indeed correct. When Melisandre saw Jon Snow alive, she asked him “what did he see” after he was dead but he replied “nothing at all”. There is a prophecy written in old valyrian which suggests that “there is a prince who was promised”. It was’nt Stannis Baratheon as he fell in the Battle of Winterfell, Melisandre confessed that she falsely interpreted the visions in the flames.
Will it ever be revealed on TV show?

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