Flash Season 3: Two Major DC Comic-Book Villains Confirmed

The season 3 of Flash is generating an unprecedented level of excitement among DC fans. In the last episode of season 2, Flash went back in time and saved his mom from the attack of Reverse Flash, hence disrupting the timeline. Grant Gusting has already revealed the name of the first episode on his twitter handle – “Flashpoint” basically confirming the popular comic-book storyline created by Geoff Johns on the TV show. The show is famous for bringing in formidable adversaries against Team Flash, in season 1 it was Reverse Flash/ Eobard Thawne, season 2 it was Zoom/ Hunter Zolomon, season 3 will feature a terrifying speedster (probably Black racer).

At San Diego Comic Con 2016, the show-makers released a teaser trailer for the Flash season 3, which had a name of Alchemy and footage of Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash, basically confirming their appearance in the upcoming season. The Matt Letscher Reverse Flash would reappear because of the change in the timeline caused by Barry.

Recently, the show-makers added Tom Felton a.k.a Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter into the ensemble cast of season 3. According to TVLine, he will be playing Julian Dorn who is a Central City Police Department crime scene investigator who doesn’t trust the high regard in which everyone holds Barry Allen. He is a slightly older, slightly geekier officer, a guy who is as smart as intuitive who doesn’t buy Barry’s nice guy routine while keeping some secrets of his own.  He will debut in the first few episodes itself and he will be a series regular. He would have a lot of time to connect the dots and unravel the Barry Allen’s secret identity.

After reading that description of his character, the fans concluded that he is definitely an antagonist to the Flash, and he may turn out to be a version of Dr. Alchemy who worked with Barry Allen inside the CCPD crime lab in the comics. The fact that Tom Felton is series regular lends credence to this theory, also he is a heavy-weight who will not accept a minor role in a TV show after the massive success of Harry Potter movies. Well…we will see.

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