10 Behind The Scenes Facts About Justice League By The Director Himself

On March 18 2021, the world will witness a 4-hour long release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and by the looks of it, fans seem to be waiting anxiously for the theatrical release. Back in 2017, Zack Snyder could not continue the filming of the Justice League, due to some family tragedy. Joss Whedon was brought on board and more than 70% of the movie was reshot according to Whedon’s liking. 4 years past that event, a huge campaign run by the fans to bring Zack Snyder back had gained momentum and will witness Zack finally get a shot at his version of the Justice League. Here are a few behind-the-scenes facts about the Justice League Snyder cut, narrated by Zack Snyder himself.

HBO Max Is The Perfect Platform

The Justice League Snyder’s Cut will be aired on HBO Max and will also be released in theatres across the world. Zack finds the OTT platform to be the best option as the cut is chaptered and if one wishes to go to the washroom or maybe get a snack, then this option would be the most beneficial one for the viewers.

Batman Threatens Joker

Behind The Scenes Facts About Justice League
Behind The Scenes Facts About Justice League

At the end of the arc, Snyder has confirmed that Batman would be threatening Joker, if he was not to keep his mouth shut. In the post-apocalyptic end of the world scene, the joker can be seen mocking batman’s pain and loss. To which threats are a normal human response.

Scenes Shot In Zack’s Backyard

Behind The Scenes Facts About Justice League
Behind The Scenes Facts About Justice League

Zack confirmed that he did not get a go-ahead from Warner Bros. to shoot the scenes he wanted to shoot. So, he called Ben Affleck and Jared Leto to come over to his house and shoot the scenes in his backyard. Both the actors found the idea fascinating and were readily on board. But eventually Warner Bros. and HBO allowed him to do a proper shoot on the soundstage. But he agreed that even though for a moment, he was ready to go rogue.

Zack Has A Picture Of Wonder Woman In His Office

Zack has one of the memorabilia from the Batman Vs Superman chapter, which shows Wonder Woman being clicked from the Crimean war along with her comrades. He is particularly fond of this picture and agrees it’s one of his most prized possessions.

Steppenwolf’s Visual Effects

Zack agreed that the most challenging part of making the entire arc was the visual effects for Steppenwolf. The character was massive on-screen and getting every edge right, became a daunting task. He appreciates the dubbing done by Ciaran Hinds and calls him a genius for pulling off the mimicking in tandem with the visual effects.

4 Hours Is Appropriate For The Story

According to Zack, the entire Justice League arc would delve deep into each character’s history and portray how they end up together. The narrative will showcase what makes the characters tick, which is much more of an immersive experience. Zack confirms that the entire plot can be curbed into a 2-hour plot, but it will not be a very nice and detailed experience.

Never Seen Justice League 2017 

Behind The Scenes Facts About Justice League

Zack has come clear of the fact that he has to date, never watched the theatrical cut of 2017’s Justice League. He has come out and claimed that many times he would interact with fans about the movie, but would not be able to connect with them as that wasn’t how he had pictured filming that part or scene of the movie.

Zack Got Fans Support

During the filming of Justice League Snyder’s Cut, there was a small cut that was accidentally leaked on HBO Max. Several fans contacted Zack, requesting him for advising them on how to stop the leak. He was moved by this gesture of fans and called it his coolest fan moments till date.

Bunch of Easter Eggs

Zack Snyder has confirmed that the Justice League 2021, will shadow on several easter eggs across the series. He claimed that he has placed so many in the movies, that if he starts talking about each one of them, he might just spurt out the plot of the entire movie. The only thing he wants from his fans is to dig in and enjoy the release.

Cyborg’s Journey

Zack Snyder has been particularly excited about the journey of Cyborg which has been elaborated on in the series. Zack along with Chris Terrio had a long discussion on how this version will have to be Cyborg’s story and what makes him tick on a grander scale.

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