6 Unbelievable Things About Bane Which Make Him Deadly

After the Christopher Nolan Flick, The Dark Knight Rises, Bane even after being the antagonist has become a fan favorite. Here are some interesting facts about the enormous villain.

Bane’s Origin

Bane spent his childhood in a prison in Santa Prisca, in order to complete his father’s sentence. He learns a lot from the other prison inmates. His best friend is a teddy bear named Ocito, which has a knife at its back that Bane uses to protect himself. His first murder was at the age of 8 after which there was no looking back, this is how he worked his way up in prison.

The Mystery of the Mask

In the prison, a drug is tested on him, called Venom. The drug nearly kills him but then makes him inhumanly strong. It comes with its toll too, The venom needs to be pumped into his brain every 12 hours. It’s not that without the mask Bane is powerless, but with it, he just is physically unbeatable.

Bane has Brains

Bane is incredibly smart, he can speak multiple languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, German & Farsi. He used to read a lot while growing up in prison. The bulky hero has a photographic memory and is an extremely talented escapologist. He is someone who gives the phrase ‘Brains with Brawn’ a true meaning.

Incredible Strength

Bane is 6’2” tall and weighs about 220 pounds. To give some context he just had to use 9 pounds of his strength to break Batman’s back. The venom that Bane takes in when at his maximum, makes the villain capable of lifting up to 4000 pounds. Even without the Venom, he can lift up to 1500 hundred pounds.

Batman’s Brother


Bane, after talking to a priest in the prison comes to know that father was an American doctor. After investigating further he comes to know that Thomas Wayne had developed a very close relationship with his mother, he tells this to Batman and they get a DNA check done, because of which then the theory turns out to be untrue.

Took A Bullet For Batman

When Bane tells Batman about him being doubtful of being his brother and the story behind it, both develop a brotherly bond and fight crime together. Even after the theory coming untrue, they still remain close. He even saved Batman from King Snake, even took a bullet for him.

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