Marvel Actors Who Have Been Called Difficult To Work With

Marvel Actors Difficult To Work With:

Marvel Cinematic Universe is undoubtedly the biggest media franchise today with its wings spread all over the world. In spite of the competition from other superhero and Marvel movies under other banners, MCU reins the maximum market share. Its USP has been the mind-blowing special effects, screenplay, comedy, action, marketing, and most of all the terrific actors. These actors have been the face of MCU for over a decade and cast a strong influence over the fans. However, how they are portrayed in public is completely different from how their coworkers perceive them. This article traces itself to behind the scenes from the sets of MCU. Keeping the talent and stardom aside, these actors have given other reasons to their costars and directors to call them difficult. Personal clashes, working style, dissent, and whole other things can happen on the sets. The following are the actors who no one is keen to work with.

 1. Gwyneth Paltrow

There is no doubt about Gwyneth’s performance as she is considered to be amongst the A-list actors of Hollywood. But neither her talent nor the significance of her character as Pepper Potts rendered her a long enough screen time. MCU encourages a great deal of improvisation and ad-lib that make most of its best moments. In a studio where half the actors surprise you by going off the script, Gwyneth has been called rigid who isn’t sporty about improvising.

 2. Brie Larson

Marvel Actors Difficult To Work With

In a very short span of time, Brie has managed to stand out from her costars but for the wrong reasons. Unlike the other charming superhero actors, Brie has been perceived as unwelcoming and dismissive at the interviews. Many fans even observed an awkward coldness and discomfort on Jeremy Renner’s face during an interview with Larson. Furthermore, there have also been rumors about the MCU stars not enjoying the workaround Larson on the sets. Even Larson’s subtle comments on disliking her Avengers costars on chat shows created a whole new buzz and jeopardized things for the PR team.

 3. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel has a notorious image in the industry for his frequent quarrels with his co-stars. It hasn’t taken place so far in MCU since Vin doesn’t have to show up on the sets. All he has to do is record his voice for the adorable Groot.

 4. Tommy Lee Jones

Marvel Actors Difficult To Work With

Not only Marvel but even DC had trouble to put up with the perpetually sulky actor. His coworkers have fell victim to his bad temper, threats, and tantrums. Despite his notorious image, the actor is still high in demand for his strong and authentic performance.

 5. Bradley Cooper

Highest Grossing Movies of Bradley Cooper

Bradley hasn’t given any reasons to his costars and directors to not like him. In fact, he is fun and leaves everyone satisfied with his performance. But the problem arises when Bradley mixes work with pleasure and later dumps his female coworkers. It impacts the work environment and the crew is left to pick up his mess.

 6. Edward Norton

Hulk Mark Ruffalo Edward Norton

This is one of the most infamous wars of MCU with its first choice of cast. Joining MCU during its pilot days would have been great leverage for Norton’s career. But he got dumped and replaced by the studios way before other actors were even cast. On meeting some major creative differences with the makers, Norton was laid off and called “difficult to work with”.

 7. Jude Law

Captain Marvel Sequel Avengers: Endgame

Considering himself superior to his roles has made the actor vain over the years. According to reports, the actor admitted on being very selective with his roles and not stepping out of his area of serious roles. Somehow, it has eventually turned him fussy and inflexible with his offers thus costing him his career.

 8. Terrence Howard

Casting directors were reluctant to cast Robert Downey Jr. for Iron Man for his lack of credibility. They at last had to yield to the director’s insistence to go with RDJ. However, fees was non-negotiable and RDJ was paid significantly lesser amount than his costar, Terrance Howard who played War Machine. But the tables turned following the success of Iron Man and RDJ. The producers decided to raise his fees but at the cost of Terrance’s paycheck. This caused a major rift between Terrance and the rest of the team. He left MCU and blamed Downey Jr. for it.

 9. Guy Pearce

Embracing your solitude is one thing but being scornfully silent around your coworkers is another. Being ignorant and not acknowledging people around him has not been received well on the sets.

 10. Post Malone

Marvel Actors Difficult To Work With

Though Post Malone didn’t portray any Marvel character on screen, he still became an integral part of it by making the popular music for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. He has openly declared himself as aloof and written songs like “I Am Kinda Glad I’m Difficult To Deal With”.

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