Most Expensive Items Owned By Robert Downey Jr.

Items Owned By Robert Downey Jr:

RDJ’s personal and professional lives have been no less than a roller coaster ride. Now then it on its pinnacle, we know that it won’t be coming down again. Downey Jr. has proved his hard work, talent, and perseverance by fighting his struggles and his own demons in the past. Today, he is one of the highest-earning and the most revered actors in the world. His global fan base is so strong that his retirement from MCU made fans of all ages and gender cry like babies. Starting from $500,000 to star in Iron Man 1 and reaching $15 million for a 15 minutes cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming, RDJ is one of the wealthiest stars. Find out what he has done with all that money.

 1. Stark Tower Logo

RDJ has always been called synonymous to his MCU character Tony Stark and this item cements that fact. Following the Battle of New York when the Stark Logo was replaced by the iconic “A” logo on the tower, he purchased the former one as it was no longer needed.

 2. Malibu Home

Whether it was for growing up in the elite family of Hollywood or for playing the MCU billionaire, Malibu caught RDJ’s attention too. The actor laid his hands on a colossal and quaint mansion in Malibu for $3.7 million. It is embellished with glass walls, a swimming pool, and a hot tub.

 3. Watch Collection

Items Owned By Robert Downey Jr

Apart from his witty disposition, what makes RDJ so magnetic is his dapper appearance. He takes his fashion seriously and maintains it with his designer wardrobe.  But such a classic wardrobe is incomplete without his watches. RDJ owns an exemplary Jaeger-LeCoultre that he also donned in Iron Man 2. It cost him about $92,000.

 4. Iron Man Suit

The most precious possession that every Marvel fan dreams of is the Iron Man suit. RDJ was not only blessed to land the coveted role of the superhero but also for owning his costume. Attachment with a character that you played for a decade is inevitable. As a memento and a parting gift, Downey Jr. got himself the 6th Iron Man suit.

 5. Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the most primary factor of Iron Man’s legacy. Artificial Intelligence and Tony stark shared a significant relationship in Marvel and it is starting to grow on RDJ as well. He has spent a great deal of fortune on the recently launched Footprint Coalition that uses robotics and nanotech in cleaning the Earth.

 6. Windmill Home

Items Owned By Robert Downey Jr

RDJ’s Windmill home has been a famous topic of interest lately. He and his wife Susan Downey took us on a tour to the interiors of their uniquely designed house. It is one of the fanciest properties at the Hamptons of the elites. The same residence had also featured in the 1982 movie, Deathtrap.

 7. Disguises

Robert Downey Jr. is a global phenomenon, and if spotted, every young and old go gaga over him. Evidently popularity comes at the cost of privacy. The actor doesn’t mind basking in fame but nobody likes attention all the time. In order to avoid the paparazzi and crowd, he uses customized prosthetics while stepping out.

 8. Lavish Birthday Party

One of the most memorable birthday bashes in Hollywood was thrown at an airport hangar. No, it wasn’t organized by Tony Stark but by Robert Downey Jr. The lavish party got even better as the Duran Duran band joined it.

 9. Cars

Items Owned By Robert Downey Jr

Like his character, RDJ is also an avid collector of luxurious cars. He owns a wide variety of Audi and vintage Chevrolet that rest at his garage. The car enthusiast is also a generous friend who gifted a custom Camaro to the Captain America star, Chris Evans.

 10. Travels With His Furniture

Items Owned By Robert Downey Jr

It is safe to say that Downey Jr. is the real-life male version of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter who carries everything with him. The actor practically takes his home and furniture with him to shooting locations. They are specially designed keeping in mind his needs at movie sets.

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