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How Snyder’s Justice League 2 Plan Would Have Changed Batman and The Flash

The DCEU has been suffering from a lot of problems. On one hand, this cinematic universe was readying itself for the arrival of the next generation of movies that would have resulted in a soft reboot of the universe. But on the other hand, the actors of this cinematic universe have been working overtime in creating controversies that would ensure that this next generation of movies never gets off the ground (looking at you Ezra Miller). Moreover, WB’s merger with discovery had led to a leadership change in the form of Zaslav’s appointment as CEO and this man is on a mission to clean house. But today we want to talk about Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 plan which would have changed Batman and The Flash.

Justice League Darkseid Snyder Cut
Justice League Darkseid Snyder Cut

You see, before he was pulled away because of a personal tragedy, Zack Snyder was the be-all end for the DCEU. This director had big plans for the franchise. He had supposedly planned ahead all the way to Justice League 2 and beyond. The Snyder-cut of Justice League gave us some insight into this vision. But most of the well-laid plans of Zack Snyder have now been shut down after his exit from the DCEU. Still, fans keep getting snippets of these visions from social media posts and Q&As with the director. One of these rare interactions revealed his plans for Legion of Doom. Let me break down the implications of the existence of this team in the DCEU.


Snyder’s Justice League 2 Plan

Recently, Snyder revealed that he wanted to create the Legion of Doom in the DCEU using the villains that had already appeared. This would ensure that the villains put up a united front against the heroes. This team-up would have been orchestrated by Lex Luthor (something that Justice League’s theatrical cut showcased but the Director’s cut did not) and would aim to weaken the Justice League before the final advent of Darkseid. You see, Snyder’s Justice League 2 was supposed to feature a Knightmare future where Superman was the bad guy.


Essentially, everything that Bruce Wayne had dreamt would come true and The Flash would have to travel back in time to correct things. The Legion of Doom was supposed to feature Black Manta and Orm the Ocean Master from Aquaman, Captain Cold who was supposed to be introduced in The Flash, The Riddler from The Batman (Ben Affleck), and Doctor Poison who was supposed to be introduced in Wonder Woman. Moreover, it was also planned that Doctor Poison would kill every Amazonian on the planet including Diana by releasing a new toxin.


Batman and The Flash

All of this implies that these plans would have significantly changed the movies we saw in the DCEU, especially The Batman and The Flash. The Batman would not have been a noire detective film but a gritty brawler film led by Ben Affleck. It might have focused more on his self-discovery. Similarly, The Flash might not have been a soft reboot for the DCEU. Snyder clearly wanted to use the flashpoint storyline further in the future to mitigate some sort of Darkseid-level disaster. But the new DCEU has gone a completely different way. Whatever the case may be, it is highly unlikely that all of this will culminate in the assembly of Legion of Doom.


The Future

We should mention that none of these things were pre-determined or planned. Zack Snyder had one creative vision but WB had another and things just fell out between the two. The end result of this was the DCEU we got. It doesn’t matter now what Snyder’s Justice League plan was.


WB has changed all of it since its merger with Discovery. We pray and hope that things will get better for this cinematic universe soon enough. What do you think about this change in the storyline of DCEU after the exit of Snyder?

Let us know down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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