Jane is the Reason for The Transformation of Thor in Love and Thunder

Thor will be returning this year with his fourth solo outing in the MCU. Over the years the character has undergone massive transformation both emotionally and physically. There were a lot of stages that we got to witness for the character and it seems that Thor: Love & Thunder will definitely be another such project. There are a lot of exciting things that we will get to see in the movie with the return of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster. But the most exciting part about the project is that we will see Thor for the first time after the events of Endgame. Based on set photos and other details, it is quite clear that Thor has undergone a massive transformation in his physique since we last saw him. A new theory suggests that the transformation of Thor in Love and Thunder could be because of Jane’s return.


The God of Thunder is one of the original Avengers who has been a part of the MCU family for quite a long time now. We got to see some of the most amazing narratives with the character as he comes to terms with his powers. It has not been an easy journey for him because he has experienced quite a lot of emotional moments that have had an impact on him. Thor 4 might be a solo movie but it will see a lot of characters we have seen him associate with over the years. While the Guardians of the Galaxy might be the most exciting ones amongst them, Jane Foster’s return might have a valuable impact on Thor now that he has changed a lot.


Transformation of Thor in Love and Thunder

One of the biggest impacts of past events was seen on Thor following the events of the Infinity War. The character had to go through a lot ever since Thor: Ragnarok, where we saw him losing his father and the entire kingdom of Asgard. Then, Infinity War started with the narrative where we saw his brother Loki being choked to death. Thor had even lost his Mjolnir and thus he ends up wielding the Stormbreaker. But he fails to prevent Thanos’ snap and then he has a massive breakdown. We saw that the character ended up gaining a lot of weight but it seems all that is going to change. Thor will return to his athletic physique in Love & Thunder and it won’t be surprising to see Jane Foster being the reason for this transformation.


Transformation of Thor in Love and Thunder

Fans of the character didn’t actually appreciate the idea of a Fat Thor and the writers of Avengers: Endgame was actually hoping for a different reaction. The majority of the criticism was because Thor was turned into a joke and there were numerous jabs at him for being fat. But at the same time, there was some praise for this arc too as it gave us the depiction of PTSD. The photos revealed for Thor: Love & Thunder clearly indicate that the character is going to be a lot more muscular than we had last seen him. Becoming Fat Thor was an important part of the character’s arc and we can be absolutely sure that his new transformation will also be a part of the narrative in Endgame.


Theory: Jane Foster Responsible For Thor’s Transformation

Jane Foster completely disappeared from MCU for a while and there was no clear explanation given for what happened between her and Thor. But fans can be assured that it is actually going to be a big deal for Thor when he meets her again in Thor 4. The character itself has gone some serious developments over the years and they will surely see some massive changes between them. Being a God, we can surely see him getting back into his healthy physique in order to welcome Jane back to Asgard.


Transformation of Thor in Love and Thunder

This movie might actually see most of the changes in Thor’s persona since we last saw him. Jane Foster becoming Mighty Thor might actually be something that Thor might not take easily and he might turn a bit competitive about it. Jane’s arc could further be developed based on this narrative only and give way for her to establish herself more properly in the MCU.


Thor: Love And Thunder will be released in theaters worldwide on July 8.

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