Creative Ways Directors Appeared in Their Own Movies

Directors Appeared in Their Movies:

The genius minded directors will most likely take the most unconventional routes to cameo in their own movies. From donning weird prosthetics and costumes to merely a hand appearance, they have adapted insane ways of appearing on the camera. Without further ado, dive into the list and let us know your favorite style.

 1. James Cameron

One of the many iconic moments of this romantic drama is when Jack drew Kate’s sketch. You’d assume that the hand belonged to either Leonardo DiCaprio or a real artist, but it belonged to none other than the one who helmed the movie. Another instance of James Cameron’s cameo was in Terminator 2 where he produced the monster’s scream instead of using dry ice or monkey screams.

 2. Spike Jonze

Director of Her, Spike Jonze introduced a futuristic game in the movie where Joaquin Phoenix played with a hologram alien. When the baby alien kills the other game character, it wastes no minute in throwing childish swears words like “f*ck you, sh*thead, f*cuk face” at Phoenix. That childish voice was given by Spike Jonze.

 3. George Lucas

Directors Appeared in Their Movies

George Lucas may have gone unnoticed under the paint and makeup in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. He made his cameo as the blue-skinned galactic senator who appeared right before Palpatine’s monologue.

 4. Taika Waititi

Thor: Love And Thunder Korg

The genius yet hilarious director is winning everyone’s hearts with back to back masterpieces, Jojo Rabbit and Thor: Ragnarok. His appearance as imaginative Hitler was enjoyed by both audience and critics. But not everyone is aware of his twisted ways of a cameo in Thor: Ragnarok. Apart from giving the melodic voice to the giant Korg that took all of us by surprise and threw us in fits of laughter, he also cameoed as the three-faced creature along with the Thor star, Chris Hemsworth.

 5. Carol Reed

One of the biggest critically acclaimed cynical mysteries was The Third Mad, helmed by Carol Reed. The iconic and ambiguous ending that had the lead stick his fingers out of the sewer for freedom was played by the director himself in the sewer.

 6. Ridley Scott

Remember the squirmy alien eggs that John Hurt discovered in the sci-fi Alien? The insides of the uncanny eggs were derived from sheep intestines and cow stomach. If that makes you cringe then think about Ridley Scott whose hand was inside the guts, moving the eggs.

 7. David F. Sandberg

Directors Appeared in Their Movies

David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! was not only a fun and hilarious watch but opened gates to many Easter Eggs. One of them was the cameo of Crocodile Men when we encountered the doors of Rock of Eternity that showed the world of Captain Marvel comics. The Crocodile Man was played by none other than the director himself whose face was buried deep under the heavy prosthetics as he didn’t want to use CGI.

 8. Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock was a brilliant mind of Hollywood who made Psycho, Rear Window, Vertigo, etc. He usually chose public transport as the mode of a cameo in his movies but in Lifeboat, he was the man in the “Before-After” ad that appeared in a newspaper.

 9. Jordan Peele

The Oscar-winning director of Get Out has a unique and signature style of cameo that no one can guess. He made secret cameos by voicing a dying deer and a dying rabbit in his directorial debut Get Out and Us, respectively.

 10. Sergio Leone

Directors Appeared in Their Movies

Directors are the backbone of a movie that is comfortable behind the camera. For A Few Dollars, More maker Sergio Leone played his cameo in a way that no one would have guessed. We didn’t see him but heard his whistle in the end before the gunshot.

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