Characters That Were Missing From Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer

The latest trailer of the much-awaited Justice League Snyder Cut has created quite a buzz among fans over the internet. While everyone is trying to unravel the characters, story, hidden meaning, and easter-eggs, new theories are coming up every hour. After a long wait and #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movements by fans and lead actors including Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck, the original Justice League is finally airing on HBO Max in 2021 in 4 parts. Many major characters like the Darkseid, Steppenwolf, Superman in a black suit, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Aquaman, Flash, etc., were spotted in the trailer. However, more characters will appear in the Snyder Cut series but they were chucked out of the trailer.


Even though Alfred was missing from the trailer, his part was shared by Zack Snyder. It comes as no surprise that Alfred, even though skipped from the trailer, played a critical part in both the movies.

Commissioner Gordon

Actor J.K Simmons had earlier revealed that he had more scenes in the original Justice League which were omitted following Snyder’s exit. With curtains finally being lifted off the Snyder Cut, you can expect to see more of Jim Gordon in it.


We are already well aware of the Queen of Amazon, Antiope from the theatrical version, followed by Wonder Woman. Even though she died in Wonder Woman and had a small appearance in Justice League, she’ll have a much greater part to play in the Snyder Cut. Footage of a thrilling fight sequence from the Snyder Cut has already floated over the net.

Ryan Choi

Unlike the 2017 movie, Ryan Choi aka The Atom will show up in the original version. We got to learn about Ryan Choi from the recent crossover of Arrowverse, Crisis on Infinite Earths where he played the Paragon of Humanity to save the multiverse. In the DCEU, the scientist will be seen helping Silas Stone in his works on the Mother Box.


Ares was the main villain in the first Wonder Woman movie and had a short appearance in the 2017 Justice League. Unlike the movie where he put against Steppenwolf, the Snyder Cut will have him fight Darkseid.

Martian Manhunter

Fans are highly speculating the appearance of Martian Manhunter in the Justice League which is long due. Zack Snyder has dropped Easter Eggs in the past on how General Swanwick could be the Martian Manhunter.

Henry Allen

The impending Flash movie will explore the past of Flash which also involves his father Henry Allen who was wrongfully imprisoned for killing Barry’s mother. Despite his story in the standalone, Barry’s father had some roles in the original Snyder Cut as well as in the theatrical version.


Vulko made his debut in DCEU from Aquaman. But his character was first meant to be introduced in the original movie. Unlike the theatrical version, Vulko will share some prominent scenes with Aquaman aka Arthur Curry.


Deathstroke was supposed to appear in the post-credits of Snyder Cut, setting an origin for Ben Affleck’s Batman standalone. According to theories, Deathstroke was approached by Lex Luthor to kill Batman.

Lex Luthor

It is already clear that Lex will appear in the post-credit scene while he summons Deathstroke. But if Lex Luthor will get more screen presence within the movie is still unknown. According to sources, the series could show him imprisoned in the Arkham Asylum.

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