10 Celebrities Who Refused A Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Celebrities Refused Walk Of Fame:

Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Los Angeles. It houses the names of biggest stars in bronze-star plaque planted in pink and charcoal terrazzo flooring. There are over 2,600 names on the boulevard and it is deemed as one of the most honorable recognitions. To appear on the Walk of Fame indicates that you have made as one of the prominent names. However, there are successful celebrities who turned down the offer.

 1. Prince

Fans always wanted the iconic singer to own his star but he turned it down as he “wasn’t ready” the first time he was honored. He was one of the greatest musicians and losing him felt like a personal loss to his fans. If only he could be honored posthumously for his fans.

 2. Clint Eastwood

The multi-talented gem Clint Eastwood will be an honor for the Hollywood Walk of Fame and not the other way round. He has 5 Academy Awards under his belt and has been nominated more than 5 times for both directing and acting. He is a gift to Hollywood who has been approached multiple times by the Chamber of Commerce. Despite his lack of interest and constant rejections, there is a spot left empty for him.

 3. Whitney Houston

Many fans would love to have the beloved singing sensation on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But Whitney Houston didn’t view the offer as a prestige. She refused to be nominated as she wasn’t fond of people stepping on her name.  Whether her name rests on the stone or not, she is immortal till the last person who knew her is alive.

 4. George Clooney

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One of the global personalities that tourists and fans would expect on Hollywood Walk of Fame is George Clooney. He is one of the most revered and talked about actors who deserve the stars. Despite receiving the nomination, Clooney never showed interest to go further ahead.

 5. Al Pacino

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This titan is one of the first names you’ll recall when visiting the Walk of Fame. The Godfather actor was once the king of Hollywood who was approached by a truckload of Walk of Fames, magazines, endorsements, movies, etc. It is no surprise that he was reached by the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well. The actor accepted the honor but never scheduled a date for the ceremony despite the constant reminders. He is already aware of his impact and doesn’t need a star to validate his power.

 6. Bruce Springsteen

The singer is one of the many celebs who accepted the honor but never prioritized it in their schedule. It is said that Bruce didn’t show up at his ceremony despite fixing a date. This forced the Chamber of Commerce to set new policies and name it after him. The policy states that a celeb must show up at the ceremony once scheduled otherwise his/her nomination will be canceled forever.

 7. Madonna

It is a shock to not have Madonna’s name on the boulevard as she has been one of the longest-lasting stars in Hollywood. Madonna is an iconic singing sensation who became popular in the ‘90s. The singer was approached for the honor but she turned it down without revealing the reason.

 8. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is one of the few names who were paid tribute in spite of not being a part of the entertainment industry. He remains to be one of the highly respectable boxers to receive worldwide acclamation. The late boxer was nominated to have a star on his name but he refused to be “stepped on”. Exceptions were made for him and now his name rests on a wall instead of the walk as he didn’t want to respect the name, Muhammad.

 9. Billy Graham

Celebrities Refused Walk Of Fame

Billy Graham wasn’t keen to have his star when he was approached initially. But people change and grow over the years, changing their perspectives. The reverend changed his mind after 30 years and decided to be on the Walk of Fame as he wanted the future generation to know him.

 10. John Denver

John Denver had accepted to appear on the boulevard but never scheduled a date for the ceremony like other names on this list. However, his name was posthumously embedded about 17 years later and his children accepted the honor. “He was an iconic performer for many years and very loved,”. The vice president of the Hollywood Walk of Fame said in an interview “To be quite honest, we’ve been waiting for this for a long time. We’re happy that we’re finally able to pay tribute to him.”

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