MCU Movie Moments With The Highest Views

MCU Movie Moments Highest Views:

Re-watching an MCU movie at the theatre is a common affair for Marvel fans. But the relishes don’t end there, for fans relive the moment back at home. No matter how many times we have watched a significant MCU scene, it renders the same thrill always. Even though MCU has promised a new collection of upcoming movies and series on Disney +, it hasn’t stopped the fans from re-watching their favorite moments from the movies for the 100th time. This list comprises of videos with the highest views and counting. Tell us if you are guilty, too.

 10. When Hulk Saved Iron Man- 38 Million

MCU Movie Moments Highest Views

Iron Man had never hesitated from sacrificing his life in order to save the world, and Avengers: Endgame was the last instance of it. Tony Stark jumped on the opportunity to save people at the cost of his own life even when the Avengers were facing a battle against Chitauri. Iron Man soured into the air to blow up their ship with a nuke ballistic. The success of the attack led Tony to plummet on the face of the Earth at a speed impossible to be caught by the common eyes. It was Hulk who showed up at the right moment and saved Tony from hitting the ground.

 9. When Thor Arrives On Wakanda- 40 Million

Thor 4 Tessa Thompson Taika Waititi

Thor went through his own storm and miseries with the rise of Hela, his imprisonment in Sakaar, and the fall of his home, Asgard. He was left with nothing and he had to start from scratch, retrieving his powers and weapon. His return with even greater strength was a thundering moment and raised hopes amongst his fans. Our hearts were thumping as the much-awaited scene of Wakanda came up and Thor landed on it to everyone’s rescue. The Avengers needed him the most that moment and his arrival in a stronger form with the Storm-Breaker was euphoric.

 8. Captain America Vs Ultron – 41 Million

Even though Captain America was fighting Ultron only to keep him distracted while Black Widow would retrieve Vision’s body, the scene had every fair bit of thrill. The scene had us on our toes as we counted every second, praying for Cap to not lose the fight and for Black Widow to not get caught.

 7. We Have A Hulk- 42 Million

MCU Movie Moments Highest Views

“We Have A Hulk” was a statement first used by Tony Stark at Loki in The Avengers and it has gained its significance over the years. It was ironic to find the same Loki who was now on Thor’s side to use this quote on the Mad Titan. The God of Mischief fought and was weighed down by Hulk in The Avenger when he tried to invade the planet at the behest of Thanos. But time changed everything when Loki sought that Hulk’s help to fight Thanos on the Asgardian ship.

 6. Avengers Fight Guardians – 42 Million

After The Avengers where all the superheroes teamed up to fight Loki’s invasion, fans were eagerly counting days for Avengers and Guardians crossover. Avengers: Infinity War produced that moment but in the most unconventional way. The members of the Avengers and the Guardians had a hilarious introduction which was beyond fans’ expectations. They started on the wrong foot and threw a series of insults at each other. But Drax’s “ Why is Gamora” moment threw us off our seats. You can’t expect fans to watch such a grand moment and forget about it.

 5. I’m Always Angry- 73 Million

Mark Ruffalo made his debut as the Hulk in The Avengers and immediately won the fans. It was a big question on how the scientist Bruce Banner controlled his alter ego from getting unleashed. Contrary to the popular belief that Hulk was a manifestation of Bruce’s anger, it was later revealed by the scientist that he was “always angry” and ready to transform.

 4. Thor V Thanos- 74 Million

Avengers: Endgame Directors Chris Hemsworth Going For The Head

At the beginning of the Infinity War, Thanos had caught Thor at his worst, thus making it easier for him to win without breaking a sweat. But when the God of Thunder returned in a more powerful form and faced Thanos for the 2nd time, it was a fight worth watching. Even though the movie didn’t abide by the comic book completely where Thor exhibited for strength and power, fans rejoiced in re-watching the 2 of the strongest entities wrestle.  And the rest is history, as we know that Thor didn’t go for the head.

 3. When Cap Almost Lifted The Mjolnir- 83 Million

MCU Movie Moments Highest Views

The worthiness of the Mjolnir aka Thor’s hammer has always a debatable topic. In MCU Phase 1, it was only Thor who could wield hammer until the Avengers’ competed at Tony Stark’s party in Age of Ultron. No one succeeded in even moving an inch of the hammer until Captain America laid his hands on it. It was a brief second that caught him move the hammer and dissipated Thor’s relaxed expression. It also had excited fans devour over the hopeful video million times.

 2. When Iron Man Made Thanos Bleed- 105 Million

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Mind Stone Thanos Tony

Iron Man pulled off an impossible task by making the Mad Titan bleed who was apparently invincible after seizing the Infinity Stones, especially the Power Stone. That tiny moment had surely taken the fans as well as the galaxy by storm. During a time when even leaving a scratch on Thanos was legit impossible, Iron Man mustered the strength to deflect the Power Stone and thump him down.

 1. Thor Vs Hulk- 197 Million

MCU Movie Moments Highest Views

Thor has fought Hulk twice in the MCU. The most recent one was a hilarious trip when Thor was embarrassed for calling Hulk an acquaintance, only to be smashed down by him later. But we are referring to their first-ever fight in The Avengers when Thor had his powers and was the only one who could control the beast.

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