Thor: Ragnarok Villain, Surtur Almost Looked Very Different

Thor Ragnarok Villain Surtur:

Surtur was a great addition to Thor: Ragnarok. Clancy Brown did amazingly well as he voiced the giant fiery ruler of Muspelheim. At the beginning of the film, Thor was trapped in Muspelheim, but as it turned out, it was only a ruse to get close to Surtur. Thor soon knocked the Tiara off of Surtur’s head and took it back to Asgard. He locked Surtur’s crown in Odin’s Vault, and in doing that, he didn’t know that he was fulfilling the prophecy of Ragnarok.

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Surtur became a crucial set up for the plot of Ragnarok, which was nothing like the comics. It’s safe to say that we liked the look of the big CGI monstrosity in the beginning, and towards the end of the film when Surtur took his final form after his crown was merged with the Eternal Flame. But apparently, Surtur would’ve looked very different if the following concept art design was chosen instead of what we got. Take a look:

Thor Ragnarok Villain Surtur
Thor Ragnarok Villain Surtur

In total, Thor: Ragnarok ended up having 5 antagonists, and Surtur proved to be the second biggest among them. He will not be returning to the MCU, but other villains like Hela & the Grandmaster will certainly return. Jeff Goldblum has already teased that the Grandmaster will be back.

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He told us last year:

“I can’t give away any secrets. I know there’s been rumors and rumblings…I love that character, I love working with Taika Waititi especially, he’s a brilliant director. The people at Marvel, they know how to make a movie. It’s been a very pleasant experience. They are very kind. I love that cast. I want to do something with Taika for sure.”

Until Thor: Love and Thunder arrive in 2022, you could rewatch Thor: Ragnarok on Disney+.

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