New Theory Suggests Captain Marvel 2 Will Lead Us To The Ultimates & Blue Marvel

Captain Marvel 2 Lead Us To The Ultimates & Blue Marvel: 

2019 turned out to be the biggest year for MCU films as all 3 of them went on to gross over a Billion Dollars each. In fact, Avengers: Endgame almost brought in $3 Billion on its own. But still, one of those 3 films belonged to Sony, so the total earnings of Marvel with its 2 films was below $4 Billion. Now, 2022 could be the year when this total could be beaten by the 4 Marvel films that are coming out in that year. All 4 of these films are going to be solo movies, based on big-name characters like Captain Marvel, Thor, Doctor Strange & Black Panther. So, all 4 of them have the potential to be Billion Dollar successes on their own. But which of these films will be the biggest?

Thor 4, Doctor Strange 2 & Black Panther 2 might earn more, but Captain Marvel 2 will be the biggest movie in terms of the characters it is going to involve. We’ve already got the word that Ms. Marvel will surely be in the movie, and the likes of Nova & Spider-Man might also appear. After all, Captain Marvel has to be established as the new leader of the Avengers. So, Marvel will have to use her in other projects, and other heroes will have to be a part of her solo film. But a new theory suggests a different direction. It states that instead of posing as the leader of the Avengers, Captain Marvel will form a rather different team of heroes called the Ultimates.

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers

The members of The Ultimates are Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau (Spectrum), Miss America & Blue Marvel. It is possible that Black Panther might appear in Captain Marvel 2. It would make sense for Monica Rambeau to appear as Spectrum once she gains her powers in the WandaVision series. America Chavez aka Miss America is rumored to arrive in Doctor Strange 2. So, she could also be in Captain Marvel 2. All 3 of these heroes might appear towards the end along Captail Marvel and Blue Marvel, who according to the following reddit theory will make his debut in Captain Marvel 2.

Reddit user u/koieokei brings us this theory, which probably won’t just lead us to Blue Marvel, but Annihilus as well. Here’s what the theory suggests:

“I’m thinking with the multiverse heavily explored in Phase 4 and Phase 5 opening with Black Panther and Captain Marvel respectfully, it’s safe to speculate the road they’re on.

In Captain Marvel 2 Danvers will enter the Negative Zone and will meet Adam Brashear/Blue Marvel who has somehow been trapped there. I guess it will have something to do with his partner Conner Sims. Danvers will return to S.W.O.R.D. and Fury will explain the history of how Brashear was the lead scientist on Project EXODUS working with anti-matter. There was a catastrophe and everyone was assumed dead in the explosion and the project was scrapped.

To less complicate things Marvel might just Make Conner Sims and Dr. Janus the same person. Why have a Nega-man and Anti-Man?

The Negative Zone will introduce Annihilus and then the Annihilation storyline will be underway. Also, Anti-Man did become a Herald of Galactus who was crucial in the defeat of Annihilus.

For the role of Adam Brashear, I’d like to see Omari Hardwick from Power get the call.”

Well, it is a cool theory because it brings “Project Exodus” into play. This is the only project revealed in Iron Man 2, which hasn’t been elaborated upon just yet. Project Pegasus was connected to the Tesseract in Captain Marvel, and Project Goliath was related to Bill Foster from Ant-Man and the Wasp. Project Exodus has been theorized to be MCU’s “Weapon X” program, which leading us to Wolverine. But, it’d also make sense if it leads us to the Negative Zone, Blue Marvel, the Ultimates & Annihilus. Let’s see if this theory turns out to be true.

Captain Marvel 2 arrives on July 8, 2022.

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