Captain America Civil War: Most Funny Scenes

When you go to see a superhero action blockbuster, you expect high voltage action and some unimaginable CGI. What is often overlooked, is the witty one-liners by the characters in the movie which actually make the film whole. Thanks to Marvel, no movie has been short of some witty one-liners and funny scenes. Here are some of the funny scenes and dialogues from Captain America Civil War:

Bucky to Steve: “Your Mother’s Name Is Sarah. You Used To Fill The Inside Of Your Shoes With Newspaper.”

captain america civil war

¬†Falcon to Spider-Man: “I Don’t Know How Many Fights You’ve Been On, But There’s Not Usually This Much Talking.”

Spider-Man to Bucky: “You Have A Metal Arm? That Is Awesome, Dude!”

captain america civil war

Falcon to Ant-Man: “Tiny Dude Is Big Now!”

captain america civil war

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