Marvel Movie Scenes Disney Had to Unfortunately Delete

Marvel Movie Scenes Disney Deleted:

A movie goes through a long procedure of editing before finally making it to the big screens. There are many scenes that get filmed but don’t get the final approval. Disney is quite fastidious when it comes to film editing for various reasons- to comply with the time, meet PG-13 conditions, final presentation, and many more. MCU is infamous for deleting many significant scenes that fans eagerly wait to get online post the release. Find out why the strict Disney was forced to delete these MCU scenes from movies.

 1. Odin Being Odin, Thor: The Dark World

The God of Thunder, Thor lost his mother, Frigga in The Dark World when Malekith killed her. This plot was built with more twists but at the cost of Odin’s image. In an alternate scene, Frigga was held in captivity by the leader of Dark Elves who wanted to trade her in exchange for the Aether. Aether was a weapon made out of the Reality Stone that could convert matter into dark matter. But Odin refused this proposal and chose Aether over his wife’s life. Disney didn’t go ahead with this idea as it would have thrown Odin in a bad light.

 2. Mashed Potato with Ketchup?  Avengers: Infinity War

The grand entrance of Cap and Black Widow in their respective scenes wouldn’t be earned the same cheer as it did in the movie had the original scene been used. When Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow were hiding from some criminals, Cap made mashed potato for himself which was drenched in his blood. On watching this idea getting implemented, the makers realized how gross it looked and dropped the scene.

 3. “I put a bullet in my mouth”, The Incredible Hulk

Marvel Movie Scenes Disney Delete

In Avengers, Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner recalls the time when he got so low that he put a bullet in his mouth only for the “other guy” to spit it out. This scene was even filmed but with Edward Norton in for The Incredible Hulk which got deleted later.

 4. Arc Reactor, Iron Man 3

This deleted scene in Iron Man 3 was highly intense which could have been a nightmare for the kids. Caught in the battle between Iron Man and Eric Savin, Harley’s school bully E.J was drowning at the hands of Eric who knocked down a water tower. As Stark pulls him out and brings him back to consciousness with his arc reactor that generates an electric pulse, Tony himself collapses without the reactor.

 5. Hulk Massacre, Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Marvel Movie Scenes Disney Delete

We never see the immediate reaction of Bruce Banner when Wanda castes her mind-spell on him. Well, that scene was deleted by MCU on purpose for the brutality at the hands of Hulk. After Bruce turns into Hulk in the forest, the big guy goes on a rampage smashing a village with innocent people in it. This scene had gone through the animation and special effects but Disney nixed it in the last moment to save Hulk’s image getting tarnished.

 6. Possessed Thor, Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Thor’s foreseeing the future at the bath in Avengers: Age of Ultron would have made more sense if they would have kept this scene. Thor permitted as Asgardian God to possess him when he went into the water. It was the possessed Thor who saw the visions of the future. But abiding the PG-13 rules sucked this shot out of the movie.

 7. Private Party of Tony, Iron Man

Marvel Movie Scenes Disney Delete

There’s no way that this scene would have reached the big screen! Then why even go with the pain of filming it? The infamous playboy Tony Stark was presented with 2 ladies as a treat in Dubai. As they join him in the bedroom, Stark asks them to start without him while he gets his glasses. But shockingly, he ditches them and flies back home in his Iron Man suit.

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